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Body Boom Coffee Scrub (Vigorous Mint) by Tree House – First Impressions | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Assalam o alaikum!

Today we get our hands into the amazing Body Boom Coffee Scrub by Tree House.


NOTE: This product was sent to me as PR.
Let me get this out as quickly as possible; none of my opinions will ever be biased just because a product is sent to me as a PR package. 


I am the best coffee scrub created from high quality coffee and many natural elements. Contained in me ingredients improve the appearance of your skin, especially problematic parts like cellulite and stretch marks. With me you will feel that your skin looks better than ever before.

Available in three flavors
Party Coconut
Sensual Strawberry
Vigorous Mint


  1. Exfoliates
  2. Nourishes
  3. Reduces Cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks


  1. Moisten body with warm water.
  2. Apply a spoonful all over.
  3. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  4. Wash it off.


First, this product works. This is true to its words and does all that it claims to do. My face feels like a baby’s butt, and so do my hands. After a few hours of using this product (and forgetting about it), I randomly washed my hands and couldn’t help but noticing how soft the skin felt.
After washing my face, it felt ice cold; this is good because it reduces pores (and similarly; cellulite), and this was what my face needed after bearing the sun of my university for a week. My pores were visibly smaller.
Right after the rinse, my skin felt like I had moisturized it with a really good, non-greasy face oil. It felt supple and glow-y and looked brighter. After drying the face, it still felt moisturized, but not oily anymore.
I especially loved what it did to my hands. They look and feel so much softer and smoother.

They were right; it is love at first use.


First of all, I have mint flavor and at one point the strong scent of it got overwhelming.
Second, it is extremely messy. You start applying it and it gets everywhere; so for that reason, I wish it was a cream product. However, as easy as it is to get messy with it; it’s very easy to clean up and doesn’t leave stains at all.
On the face it is extremely cooling, so much so that it burned my eyes. I would suggest that you lie down and relax while you wait for those 5 minutes. It would be a much better experience on the body, however.
It is quite a strong scrub; perfect for the body, might be a little rough for the face; but go gently and it will work out.

If you can ignore the mess and the strong scent, this product can do wonders for the skin. I will use it again, and recommend it to all my followers! If not for face, this seems incredible for the body.


I would love to incorporate such a good scrub into my monthly pamper routine. I will soon be stocking up on many of these; you can count on that.


The price for a 30 gram bag is Rs. 600/-

You can get it from their Facebook: TreeHousePakistan, or Instagram:
If you want to save up the delivery charges, then you can also order it from while you’re shopping for more! It will, however, be in a package with their wipes for around Rs. 1000/- only.


I give it 4.5 stars. All the stars go to the performance and the good result that I saw with just one use only. However, the strong scent and messy texture was a bit of a bummer.

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