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Minimal Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Students | THE HALL OF BUJO

Assalam o alaikum!

Today we’re designing some spreads for students to help them keep their lives organised and get the most out of their semester, or year! I’m in my 16th year of education and along the way I did pick up some idea of the things that are useful when it comes to organizing your life and what spreads would be absolutely useless. That was the reason behind all the mess and clutter free spreads that I created; because a messy bullet journal or a register, will result in not so clutter free everyday life; at least for me.



The first page consists of all the information about you. This is for the times when you lose your journal, so if someone finds it, it would be easier for them to return it back to you.


This next page is for motivational purposes, and honestly, to add some colors and designs to the spreads without it getting too messy. It simply says, “Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”


In this page, I color code all of my subjects so in the future if I refer to any subject, I’d use the corresponding color.


Timetable is an absolutely essential part of planning and staying organised when it comes to student life. On the left, I mention all the days starting from Monday to Friday, and on the top I write the time of the class.
Then at the bottom of the page, there is a quote that says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Future Log

On this page, I mention all the months and write in all the major events and holidays that are due in a certain month, like final exams, farewell, seminar, etc.


This page is designed for the times I fear burning out, and need something to reduce the test anxiety and the pressure of exams. It includes things like talking to bestie, watching a movie, etc.

Monthly Log

The next few pages are big calendars for each month in which each box represents a day from the month, so if I have an assignment due on a certain date, I’ll write it in the corresponding box, so I’d know exactly when to turn it in and how many days are left before submission.

Daily Log

The rest of the pages are reserved for my daily log, in which I’d write my homework, assignments, tasks and reminders on daily basis; and based on that information, I can fill in the pages prior to the Daily Log.

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You can also watch me creating all these on my Youtube channel; The Hall of Beauty.

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