Makeup artist and lifestyle blogger.



The text, the pictures, everything else here belongs to me (unless mentioned otherwise). If there is a watermark of  “Munazza Bangash” or just “MB” on a picture, please understand that it belongs to me, is copyrighted, and nobody holds the right to use it.

All the products featured on this blog are purchased by me, but if it’s a product sent by the brand, it will be made clear. This is a PR friendly blog, but I will not compromise on the content, and will always give my honest opinion about everything.

If I’m affiliated with a certain brand, I will let you know. If you purchase from the links provided by me, they will benefit me. But I will never trade honesty for compensation. So, if I rave about a product from the company I’m affiliated with, please be satisfied that my opinions are not affected. They are (and will always be) 100% honest and my own.

All the information provided on this blog is purely my thoughts and opinions based on my experience. So, please make sure to test the product before taking my word for it. I will not be held responsible in any case for any kind of losses, infections, allergies or injuries, etc.

None of the content or opinions are ever meant to harm or insult any religion, race, sexual orientation, ethnic group, organization, company or a person. If a comment violates any kind of law, or hurt other people’s views and belief, it will be deleted. If done repeatedly and negativity is promoted, the individual will be banned and reported.


This is a PR friendly blog. That is, I accept products/samples sent by the brands for my honest review. No amount of money will affect my reviews and opinions, and just because a product is “sent” to me, I will not speak in favor of it. If I like it, I will mention why, if I don’t, I will let my followers know.

Any post that contains a PR sample will have a disclaimer.

I will accept anything beauty related for the review, but something that doesn’t contribute to my blog content and/or is useless to me will not be accepted.

If PR is sent to me, it is my right to decide whether I want to write about it or not.

If your brand is interested, contact: MunazzaBangash@hotmail.com


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