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How to do Pedicure at Home – Easy Procedure, Tips & Benefits | THE HALL OF BEAUTY


We have always been fascinated by those amazing manicure and pedicure procedures done at beauty salons; the comfort, the convenience and the luxury; it really is a stress buster and it all sounds so attractive. But it attracts one more thing; lots and lots of money – and don’t mind me, I might be a cheap person. I like to get best results at the most affordable prices. So, here I am today, sharing my pedicure procedure with you so that you can, too, get the best results at home!

Step 1: Get your supplies.
This is hard only the first time as you might not have certain tools or products. But I assure you, all of these products are easily available in Pakistan at every beauty store; especially at Chase Up and Imtiaz Super Market, and are quite affordable. Here are the things you’d need:

  1. A tub (large enough to have your feet completely covered up to ankles with water)
  2. Warm water
  3. Oil (Any oil would do)
  4. Foaming Body Wash (or soap)
  5. Wax
  6. Body Scrub
  7. Pumice Stone/ Foot File
  8. Nail Cutter
  9. Nail Filer
  10. Nail polish


Step 2: Prepare.
Before anything, wax the hair off your fingers and feet if you have them.
Fill your tub with warm water, and add some body wash and oil. If your feet hurt from tiredness or are swollen, you can also add some salt, which is also beneficial to quell foot odor, and it also soothes dry skin.

Soak your feet in it for about 10-15 minutes. This helps soften the skin of your feet making them easier to work with. This is also a stress reliever, and will make you feel much more relaxed than you were before.


Step 3: Exfoliate.
Scrubbing your feet can be the most important part of the whole pedicure procedure. Take your regular body scrub and massage one foot at a time in circular motion. Take your time with this and thoroughly massage your feet till you feel relaxed.

This boosts blood circulation and will likely result in reduced wrinkles.

Step 4: Foot File
This is to remove the outer most dead skin on the heels and bottom of your feet; this also gets rid of cracked heels. Gently scrub off the dead skin, till smooth skin is revealed. Never be too rough, though.

Step 5: Nails
These steps for nails will instantly result in better looking feet.

  1. Cut your nails with a nail cutter.
  2. File them in your desired shape. Make sure your nails are dry for this. (Tip: File the nails in one direction only to ensure smooth edges.)
  3. Apply nail polish. This is an important step because any bright nail polish can help make sure your feet look from fugly to fab.
    (Tip: A bright red nail polish can make the feet look prettier.)

Step 6: Moisturize and Cover
This is the final touch you need to treat your feet with. Without this step, you will never get the best results out of your pedicure. Take your time and massage the moisturizer into the skin in circular motion; this will help de-stress.
Now put on some comfortable socks, and you’re good to go!

Pro tip: Do your pedicure at night, so you won’t have to walk around all day after treating your feet well.

My feet felt and looked 10 times better than before, and I loved the results. You should definitely try this out at home; and do let me know if it helped you out in anyway.

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