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Product of the Month – Hunza Candles | MUNAZZA BANGASH

A few days ago, I got three different scents from Hunza Candles, and here are my thoughts! Click to read.

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How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Highlighters are all the rage; have been for a very long time, and are here to stay! And why not? It gives your face that glow, and makes it look healthy and gorgeous, but only if it's applied the right way. You can easily make yourself look greasy, oily, and sometimes, no short of a disco ball if you're not careful enough. 
Following are some of my tips to apply highlighter like a pro! I have gathered these tips from my mentors, and some of them I've learned through time by correcting my own mistakes. 

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Most Full Coverage Foundation? Dermacol Makeup Cover – Review | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

"There is no such thing as having too much makeup." The most requested review of all time on my blog and Instagram is of this Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation. As always, I will make sure to keep it short, simple, to-the-point and informative as a lot of us feel uneasy reading long reviews. Dermacol Make-up… Continue reading Most Full Coverage Foundation? Dermacol Makeup Cover – Review | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

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Most Affordable Liquid Lipsticks in the World – Clazona (Review)| THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Liquid lipstick is a trend started to stay. It is one of the best things happened to the beauty industry, but it can be so expensive, especially in Pakistan. Clazona has come out with their liquid lipsticks and a wide range of shades at that, and the best thing about it is how affordable they are.

Click to read its pros and cons.

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How to do Pedicure at Home – Easy Procedure, Tips & Benefits | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

We have always been fascinated by those amazing manicure and pedicure procedures done at beauty salons; the comfort, the convenience and the luxury; it really is a stress buster and it all sounds so attractive. But it attracts one more thing; lots and lots of money - and don't mind me, I might be a cheap person. I like to get best results at the most affordable prices. So, here I am today, sharing my pedicure procedure with you so that you can, too, get the best results at home!

Click to read!

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Body Boom Coffee Scrub (Vigorous Mint) by Tree House – First Impressions | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

"I am the best coffee scrub created from high quality coffee and many natural elements. Contained in me ingredients improve the appearance of your skin, especially problematic parts like cellulite and stretch marks. With me you will feel that your skin looks better than ever before."

Really? Click to read my view on that!