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Is Blogging Still a Thing? | MUNAZZA BANGASH

The other day someone told me what I was up to, and I said that I have to write a blog post for the next day. They instantly asked, “Is blogging still a thing?” That got me thinking if it really meant anything anymore. We work hard on our blogs but is it going anywhere? Is everything else just taking over the world of blogging? Is this art going to get lost in all the chaos of Social Media and everyone’s effort to be better than the rest?

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But, then it hit me. I said, “Of course, it is!”

They said, “Well, with Youtube and everything, who has time to read blogs?”

I said, “A blog is more detailed and easy to skim. If you’re in a shop or in a hurry, you’re not going to watch a review on Youtube, but you will try to find a written review to quickly skim through it and decide whether you wanna buy the product or not.” When it comes to Youtube, people like to watch it in their free time for some entertainment. Of course, Youtube has its own perks and you can learn from it, but that doesn’t invalidate a website. On Youtube, you just have an account on a certain platform, while if you own your blog, it’s your platform. If people search for you, they will land on your blog and from there, they will be able to read about you, your views, and get to your social media accounts.

They said, “Yeah, but with all the micro blogging platforms, like Instagram, who searches for a website?”

I said, “You can never search for a review on these social media platforms. They don’t show up on Google search engine.” When it comes to Social Media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,) it serves as what it is; a social media platform. People can interact with you on your posts, but your audience can not decide what they want a review on. If they search for something on Google (or any other search engine) they will not find their desired results from the Social Media platforms. They will not get the results saying that someone posted a mini review under one of their pictures on their Instagram account six months ago.

They said, “Sure! But is there any kind of success you can get from blogging anymore?”

I said, “Of course! If you don’t use the right skills, you can not gain success from any other platform, either. You have to create a following before expecting any success from your blog. There are a lot of ways in which you can use your blog to create a better future for yourself.” When it comes to blogging, you can generate revenue by adding ads to your blog, doing paid partnerships with different brands, sell your own product, and much more. It all comes down to how well the audience can relate to you, how honest you are, the number of followers who trust you, and how well you have kept your blog active.

And finally they said, “Yeah, I guess. Everyone has their own platform and can use however they want.”

And that got me thinking. Of course, it is! It’s just another platform that we can use to express ourselves. Not everyone is good with posting videos and talking to mass group of people who watch their videos. A lot of people are good with words and they want to write to express themselves.

Same goes with the audience. Not everyone wants to watch movies, a lot of people are into books. Similarly, not everyone is into watching Youtube videos for reviews, life updates, tips, etc., but a lot of us are into reading quality blog posts, and it can be about anything we’re interested in.

So, in my opinion, no; blogging is not over. If you want to blog, go ahead. It’s your platform and you can express yourself any way you want!

What is your idea regarding this subject? Are you a blogger? And do you think that the blogging days are over?

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6 thoughts on “Is Blogging Still a Thing? | MUNAZZA BANGASH

    1. A lot of passive – aggressive people in my circle. Haha. However, some of this conversation was to add more points to the blog post, but it was definitely a reflection of how some people actually talk to me about blogging.


  1. It might seem like blogs are dying because of micro blogging platforms but having a website is always a plus. It is more likely to show up in Google searches and is a great way of sharing all of your other social media too.

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