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Product of the Month – Hunza Candles | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Two weeks ago, I posted my monthly cravings for this month (read here). I had talked about how I wanted to get my hands on some good quality scented candles, but Bath and Body Works candles (which I had tried before and absolutely loved) were so expensive that I didn’t wanna buy them every month. Especially because they are just candles and they’re not really going to last very long.

So fast forward to a few days ago when I saw Maria J., the makeup artist, posting on her Instagram stories about these candles, how Rabeeya Tungekar (also a makeup artist) had suggested them to her, and how she is loving them. What caught my attention was the Lavender scented candle among all that she had gotten (because I love Lavender’s scent; it’s so calming). When I searched for these candles, I found out how budget friendly yet seemingly good quality they were, and so I had to order.

Scents I Bought

I ordered three different scents. I didn’t know what I would get but the description on their website was great to get an idea.

  1. Bakhoor
  2. Lavender
  3. Bride & Groom


Bakhoor is a beautiful Arabic scent, with hints of Sandalwood. I can best describe it as a sweet yet musky scent that might make you wanna offer prayer. I don’t know! Scent is very personal to everyone, and this is what Bakhoor makes me want to do.


This scent is exactly what its name is. It’s a rich Lavender scent, that calms the mind and makes the whole room smell like garden. If you own Glint (with Lavender scent), you will know what it smells like exactly.

Bride & Groom

I got this scent because I was intrigued as to what it would smell like. When I first got a sniff of it, it smelled like the newly wed’s bedroom; I don’t know why. I can best describe it as a perfume-like scent, the kind where the husband uses his perfume and then the wife uses hers, and it mixes, but instead of getting too much, it actually starts to smell really nice; that’s how it is.


On their website, there were different options regarding the size (and price) of the candles. To try them out, I got the smallest ones which retailed around PKR 300 – PKR 400. I wanted to see how well they performed before ordering more or bigger ones. However, the fact that these candles were so inexpensive made me buy more than one.

I have always been in love with scented candles, but always thought it was a luxury, and it’s better to save up than to spend so much on candles. But when I saw the price point, I couldn’t resist. And I am very happy that I discovered this brand, because I’m in love.

Lasting Power

The instructions, cautions and lasting time is all written in the packaging (which, by the way; each candle was very nicely packed). From my experience, it can last from 20 to 40 hours. But it’s better to burn the candle for no more than 3 hours at a time, and it will keep your room smelling nice all day long, so technically it can last you a week (maybe two), and that’s only for around PKR 350!

My Trick to Make it Last Longer

I had a candle in a square tin (before I got these), but I had burned that candle for so long and I was kinda done with it, so I removed the remaining candle wax from the tin and lit up Bakhoor inside it. When it melted, nothing got wasted as the wax formed a new shape inside the tin. I have been burning the candle everyday since I got it and it’s still a long way from going out. It burns and melts, and when I put it out, the wax get back to normal and it’s as good as new. This is because when the wax is melted, the wick of the candle doesn’t burn all the way down due to resistance, and when the candle is put out, the melted wax becomes hard and the wick stays in it’s place as before. Whereas, if you burn your candle on a flat surface, the wick will burn all the way down as the wax melts away.

I hope that made sense.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please make sure to leave a comment!


Munazza Bangash
Makeup Artist

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