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Is Blogging Still a Thing? | MUNAZZA BANGASH

The other day someone asked me, "Is blogging still a thing?" That got me thinking if it really meant anything anymore. We work hard on our blogs but is it going anywhere? Is everything else just taking over the world of blogging? Is this art going to get lost in all the chaos of Social Media and everyone's effort to be better than the rest? Click to read what I replied with!

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24 Lessons I Learned as I turned 24 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

It's scary how close I am to my silver jubilee. I've probably lived one third of my life, and alhamdolillah, I'm very happy. It took a lot of years and a lot of dark times to finally be able to see the light. I have learned a lot in these 24 years of my life. Here are some for you to read!