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3 EASY Steps to be More Productive in Quarantine |MUNAZZA BANGASH

Quarantine has made us sloths. There, I said it. Whether we work from home or not, we have all taken quarantine as an excuse to lie in bed, snack all day long, and watch Netflix. While there is nothing wrong in doing that, doing that every single day for a whole month (or more) can actually make you feel worse instead of well rested. Resting doesn’t mean that you forget taking care of yourself or your surroundings.

Now, you’re here for a reason. You want to be more productive, but can’t find the stamina, energy or the will to do absolutely anything. Maybe, you don’t have anything to do. Maybe, you just miss your work, your friends or the mall. Maybe, you worked from home all along, but quarantine is making you slack off. Whatever it may be, I have three extremely simple steps that can make you feel refreshed with a boost of energy, instantly.

I won’t give you suggestions that you keep telling yourself anyway! I won’t ask you to take care of yourself, or do some chores, or plainly say “be more productive,” because that’s exactly what we want to do. It’s as if you say that you are anxious, and I reply with, “Well, don’t be.”
Yes, we can force ourselves to do all these great things, but as long as we don’t feel like doing it, or as long as we don’t feel we have the energy to carry out these tasks, we aren’t gonna fully gain the benefits from it!

Instead, I will give you three easy tips that you can do which will instantly make you wanna be more productive. It will boost your energy and make you want to be more productive.

Now, before asking me how on earth do I understand your situation (since I am being productive and writing down this post while this lovely face mask is doing wonders to my skin), let me tell you that I was exactly where you are right now. I can fall back to the same patterns, I know, but these three things really helped me get back to normal.

The following steps will require a bit of conscious work from your side. This post won’t magically make you feel fresh and productive. You will have to put in a bit of effort before seeing results. But that’s why you’re here, right?

So without further delay, let’s discuss the three simple yet effective ways, I got out of my lazy routine.


Cognition plays a vital role when manifesting your reality or anything you want, really. What you think, is what you will become. What you perceive, is how it’s gonna be. What you intend, is what you will work towards. So, the first step towards becoming more productive in quarantine (or any time of your life), is to change your outlook towards the situation.

Stop sulking about the lock down; take it as an opportunity. Maybe, this is the break you have always needed. If you work ten hours a day, maybe this is what your long-due vacation looks like; now you have time for your family, for yourself; now you can do more than just work on the same thing for ten hours straight.

If you’re career oriented and are depressed about your future or your business, tell yourself to stop worrying because you’re not the only one who is stuck in one place; everyone is taking the blow, and nobody is outdoing you. This time at home can really give you a fresh mind when you do get back to work.

If you’re used to hanging out with friends all the time, tell yourself that this is not gonna last. Talk to your friends through video calls. Better yet, take some time out for yourself and your family. Maybe, you were too occupied with your friends that you didn’t give enough time taking care of yourself, or spend time with your family. Take this time and do something better, like start a blog or work up an idea of a new start up; maybe finish reading that book!

If you have always worked from home, the laziness can affect you, too. You may be slacking, whether your life has changed with the change going on in the world or not. Letting go of yourself is easy, but tell yourself that this is an opportunity to create better content without any distractions or obligations to worry about.

Whatever it may be, if you change the way you look at the situation, you really can change the way you feel about it; and once you feel good about it, no time will be wasted before you use all this extra time in doing what makes you feel better! It’s really a chain; start thinking positive, and everything else becomes easier.


I am a huge PJ’s lover! I can wear them all the time. But the downside to wearing your PJ’s all the time is that it can make you wanna lie in the bed all day long, and in turn can make you unproductive.

The days when I felt most lazy were the days where I didn’t change out of my PJ’s. I would spend all day in my bed, watch movies and TV shows, eat snacks and just chill. It was like telling myself unconsciously that this is all there is to do. Eat, sleep, repeat. I never wanted to do anything else beside be lazy and unproductive.

In turn my room started getting messier which added to my misery. My skin got horrible (due to all the junk food, and me neglecting my skin); my pores looked huge, I got deep dark circles under my eyes, my skin looked like it was losing its elasticity, and pimples started popping up leaving marks behind. I also gained weight and felt bulky and heavy all the time.

All of this added ten years to the way I looked, and I felt miserable. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, and honestly had no energy to change the way I felt. Then one day, I got fed up of the way I looked, put my phone away, took a long shower, and changed into nice clothes. Something changed in me instantly. Of course, it did not make me look ten years younger, but the change sent a message to my brain that I was ready to do something other than lie down all day long, and unconsciously, I started cleaning up. Then a while later, I did other pending chores, and then got back to my lazy routine. I did not notice the change.

The next day, I did the same. I got into nice clothes, did my hair, put on a bit of makeup and felt instantly better about myself. With my mood lifted, my routine changed, too. It was the third day that I realized what brought on this pleasant change; it was a very simple thing I did; change out of my PJ’s.


But can cognition alone make everything better? Well, yes it can, but physical change can also make a huge difference.

The other thing that can help your be more productive, requires a little more work on your part. I know, we want to just feel good without having to move a muscle, but all I ask is one hour from your whole day. Give yourself this one hour and you will feel better instantly, guaranteed. Whether it be morning or evening, get out of the bed and take a brisk walk. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t have to do any fancy workout, or change into gym attire, or go out of the house. Whatever you’re wearing, just get up and take a walk around your house. A lot of us has taken this lock down as an excuse to neglect our fitness routine; we stay in bed all day long and eat whatever we want (and we tell ourselves that we deserve it); this makes us feel bulky and weighs us down, which in turns makes us even lazier.

So try taking one hour out of the twenty four you have, and do something physical. Get that heartbeat up, and burn some calories. I guarantee you will feel good instantly and want to do more.

These are troubled times. Please take care of yourself and of your loved ones. Make love, not war. Don’t hurt others just because you are hurting, and help people as much as you can. Also, please maintain social distance at all times, and respect your government’s orders. Stay inside; that’s where you’re safe.

Take care, everyone!

Munazza Bangash

Blog: /MunazzaBangash.com


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