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My Easy-going Weight Loss Plan for Ramadan | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Haven’t we exhausted all possible ways to lose weight? Yes, we have, and we’re still going strong. Ramadan is around the corner, and while some of us are obsessing over what to cook for sehri and iftari; some of us are thinking about losing some extra weight.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Ramadan is not about weight loss; it’s about getting closer to Allah. However, what we do is we eat parathas at Sehri, and fried food at Iftar. We sleep all day long while fasting, and stay up all night. We make all sorts of excuses to make it easier for ourselves, which is fine, if that suits you better. What ends up happening is that we get out of the month of Ramadan and feel heavier than before, unhealthy and unhappy with the way we look. And Ramadan is definitely not about that. So if we can turn the tables around, and make small changes to our routines, we can actually make it all work in our favor.

For me, there are only a few things that actually work when it comes to weight loss.

I can not starve myself, or restrict myself completely, because then I fall back into unhealthy patterns harder than before. I can not keep up with the gym all the time, as most people can’t with how busy the life can get. For me, weight loss is a lifestyle pattern that I need to keep following throughout my life. So, it has to be easy to follow. I don’t like to burden myself with numbers, and it gets so much easier that way, and I enjoy the healthy lifestyle. Losing a certain amount of weight during a certain period of time following a certain type of routine is not my thing. (I can share the details in another post, if you’d like.)

However, there are times when the situation aids us into losing a bit more weight than usual. Ramadan is such opportunity. But following a strict routine is still out of the question for me. I can not survive on salads, and can not workout for hours. So, today I designed an easy going weight loss plan for myself. You can follow it if it suits you.

Disclaimer: You don’t have to lose weight if you don’t want to. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want to lose weight, it should be by choice, and never be forced. It’s a healthier choice to make, but at the end of the day it’s your choice.
As for me, I don’t want to get super thin, because that look doesn’t suit me. I want to lose weight to stay in shape, look a bit younger, and also, to keep my body healthy.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

My plan is as follows:

Two Fasts a Day

It’s not as extreme as it sounds.

If you’re one of those who sleep through the day while you’re fasting, then you’re missing the point. However, some of us can’t sleep at night for whatever reason. For me, I can not eat sehri right after I wake up, it makes me nauseous. It’s either I stay awake the whole night, or I don’t eat sehri at all. Then after sehri, I can not sleep right away; it takes me an hour or two at least to finally fall asleep. Due to that, I wake up pretty late. Usually, around four or five in the evening.

This Ramadan I plan on either sleeping through the night, and staying awake for most of my fast; which is unlikely for me because I have sleep issues, but I can try. Or I can fast during the night as well.

So basically, you have to fast two times a day. You can eat at sehri and Iftar, but the rest of the time, don’t eat. During the day, if you’re awake, you’re fasting anyway. During the night, if you’re awake, don’t eat anything, just drink a lot of water so you don’t get dehydrated. One way or another, you’re gonna sleep through one of the fasts.

One Snack Allowed

During the self implemented Fast, you’re allowed only one snack which you can have whenever you want. The only condition is that it must not be fattening. I can be a fruit, a vegetable, chaat, or popcorn. Enjoy the snack, just don’t let it be more than 150 calories.

Oh, and tea is also allowed. (Ain’t nobody got the right to stop you from drinking tea!)

Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

Eat Whatever You Want, But;

Since, you’re already fasting two times a day, restricting what you eat is not that important; although if you can stick to a very healthy diet, it will definitely aid the weight loss. However, we can’t just make ourselves miserable.

So another point in my weight loss plan is that at Sehri and Iftar, I can eat whatever I want for one hour each, but there is a condition. First, I would have to eat healthy, like fruits, roti, etc, and then if I want to, I can have something else. This is how you can trick yourself. Eat that roti salan (more the roti), before you grab pakoras and samosas. Eat a lot of fruits before you drink artificial juices, sharbat and cold drinks.

And if you still want to have junk food, you can have it only if you restrict yourself a little. Portion control is your best friend. Eat whatever you want, just balance it out with healthier and less fattening options. Switch your sharbat with lemonade or lassi. And if you want a sugary cold drink, make sure you have only a few gulps; don’t wash your insides with it.

It’s all about the balance. You don’t have to calculate everything; just make sure that the one hour you have to eat, you don’t fill it up with unhealthy alternatives.


Blah, blah, blah! Everybody knows that hydration is important. Then why do we have to keep repeating it? Often times, we neglect doing things that are easier, and try to do things that are seemingly bigger, which results in us giving up. Same goes with hydration.

While you’re fasting at night, it is a must that you drink at least eight glasses of water (more if you can). By doing that you’re doing your body a favor. It’s going to aid the weight loss, keep your skin and body healthy, you won’t get dehydrated, and it will keep you full during the self implemented fast; resulting in you consuming lesser number of calories.

So, yeah, hydrate.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Get Moving

Most of us use Ramadan as an excuse to sit around all day long. We tell ourselves that we deserve it (with no reason to back it up). So this Ramadan, I have decided that I will get moving for at least an hour. Do whatever suits you. For me, a one hour brisk walk does wonders; and if I feel energized, I can get in a ten to fifteen minutes of workout, as well. It makes me feel good.

Choose whatever time you want, and get your body moving.

Cheat Day

You can have one cheat day in a week. Treat yourself with whatever you want; and you don’t have to carry on with the self implemented fast, either. Take a break from the daily workout to give your body time to heal. It’s your day; enjoy it however you want.

You don’t want to frustrate yourself with diet, fasting, and workout. Constant pressure on yourself to lose weight can make you want to fall back into the same unhealthy patterns. So take a day off, enjoy it however you want. This will make sure that you’re ready to get back to your healthy lifestyle.

Photo by Matt Atherton on Unsplash

And that’s it! It’s really not hard at all. Here is a simpler version of everything mentioned above.

In a Nutshell

  1. Fast two times a day. Eat only at Sehri and Iftari with a one hour window.
  2. Eat Healthy first, and only then you can have the snacks and junk food. This will help with portion control. Swap sugary drinks with lemonade and lassi if you can.
  3. You are allowed only one snack during the self implemented fast; no more than 150 calories. (Popcorn is a great option!)
  4. Drink at least eight glasses of water during the self implemented fast; it’s an absolute must.
  5. Get your body moving. Either take a brisk walk, or work around the house (intense). Take one hour out of the day to move your body, get your heartbeat up, and make your body sweat.
  6. Have a cheat day once a week and spend it however you want, so that you don’t fall back into the same unhealthy patterns by restricting yourself too much.
  7. Lastly, adjust this plan however it suits you best.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you want to see more weight loss related posts and plans, make sure you hit the like and subscribe button and leave a comment, so that I know what my followers enjoy most on my blog!

Remember me in your prayers!
Munazza Bangash

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