Dear Mona — Love at First sight?

Q1. Dear Mona, Do blind people feel ‘Love at first sight’? by She Corner!

Ans. Dear, Naba, That is a very good question. However, for the answer, you would need to know basic maths to understand the following.


1. Love at first sight.
2. Love, actually, is blind!
3. A blind person.


————————- X Love is blind
Love at 1st sight

“Love” at first sight will cut “Love” is blind. Aka, look below

————————- X Love is blind
Love at 1st sight

So, now we have,

————————- X blind
1st sight

Blind gets multiplied so we have two blind persons.


2 Blind persons can never have a first sight. Aka, look below.

2 blind persons
———————- = Not possible! 😛
1st sight

So, no! They do not feel love at first sight. Therefore, two blind persons will marry each and realize that even if they had eyes it wouldn’t have mattered, ’cause love is blind, but marriage is an eye opener!

That brings us to…

He. He. He. He. He. He. He.

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