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How to Prevent and Fix Cake-y Foundation! | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Here is a neat and simple trick (or tricks) to achieve flawless base every single time whether it's your own skin or your clients. Learn to stop your foundation from getting cake-y, and how to fix it if it already is!

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5 Factors that Keep Me Motivated (2017) | Munazza Bangash

I am the kind of person who gets distracted easily. Knowing all well that this is the field that I enjoy and keep doing, even then I sometimes lose the motivation. So I found ways to keep me on track, and followed people who inspire me. So here are the five things that keep me motivated, no matter what!

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Makeup by Amna Farhad – REVIEW (4 Days Makeup and Hair Masterclass) | Munazza Bangash

In Pakistani society the makeup game has changed with the arrival of Freelance Makeup Artists. They charge lesser, work harder, operate from home and are passionate about makeup. So when Amna Farhad announced on her snapchat that a four day makeup and hair masterclass for Rs. 20,000 was going to be held at her studio, I was very excited.