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My Number One Ride-or-Die Concealer | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Concealers are one of the oldest makeup products in our industry, one of the most used, and one of the most important. From a professional makeup artist to a makeup lover, from a fifty year old to a thirteen year old, and from heavy glam to every day makeup, a concealer is a must have for everyone!

We see a hundred different concealers in the market; different brands, different shades, different formulas; so many choices! But when it comes to using a concealer, everyone wants to get their hands on the absolute best because it is such an important part of the makeup routine. It can make or break your makeup whether it’s Instagram makeup or a no makeup look.

Today, I’ll talk about my ride or die concealer, that I swear by! As you might have guessed it, by seeing the picture and by the fact it’s everyone’s favorite, that it’s the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I’m sure, you’ve heard people raving about it all the time, and they have a reason; it’s the best concealer (among all the ones that I’ve tried). Many copies were made, but nothing could top the creamy formula of the Tarte Shape Tape.

Keep reading to see why I love it and how I like to use it! We’ll also talk about the three shades that I own and the ones that I’m yet to get my hands on. Let’s grab our cup of coffee and talk makeup!

Why I Love It

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is one of the very few in the market that are up to the mark. It gives a beautiful finish to the base and doesn’t crease. I love it mostly because with this concealer, you do not have to use a lot of product and get really good coverage. I also love the fact that it comes in wide range of shades, and also the fact that it is multi purpose. It can double up as your cream contour, and even an every day foundation (just apply very little and spread it out). I love using this concealer as my eyeshadow base, then set it with some powder and continue with my eye makeup. Whether it’s covering up any makeup mistakes I’ve made or making the edges of eyes or lips sharper, this concealer has been my best friend.

Following are the shades that I own.


Medium is a shade made for medium skin tones with neutral undertones. I love using it as my color correcting shade under the eyes before going on top of it with a lighter shade. Please keep in mind that I use very little product so that it doesn’t get too much.

Light Medium

Light medium is my best match. This is also for skin with neutral undertones.

Light Medium Honey

This is for light to medium skin with peach undertones. It looks gorgeous under the eyes and high points of my face for me when I want a bit of a light on my face.

The other shades that I’ve used (in my makeup studio) include;


Made for lighter skin tones with pink undertone.

Light Sand

Equivalent of the upper shade, but with yellow undertones.


This is for the skin tones that have peach undertones, the range of the shade is the same as Medium.

Following are the shades that I really wanna get my hands on. I would love to get them all for my clients, but if I had to order only a few, these would be the ones and I’d mix and match.

Light Medium Sand

This shade is exactly like Light Medium, but with yellow undertones.

Medium Sand

This is for medium toned skin with yellow undertones.

Medium Tan Neutral

I’ll get this for my tan skinned clients. This is made for neutral undertones.

Tan Deep Sand

For tanner skin tones with yellow undertones.


This is for deeper skin tones with neutral undertones. I’d use it for clients with deeper skin tone, as well as a contour shade for lighter skin tones.

Esspresso Neutral

This is for very deep skin tones.


This is for very fair skin tones.

I’d keep all these in stock to mix and match according to the needs of my clients. This might be the only concealer I carry in my makeup kit as it works wonderfully for every single client of mine.

I one hundred percent recommend this concealer to every single makeup enthusiast out there. If you wanna up your makeup game, you need this!

Do let me know which concealer is your favorite, and why.

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Till next time,
Stay blessed.

Munazza Bangash

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