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12 Tips on How to Be More Productive (Part 2) | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Welcome to the second and last part of this blog post. If you haven’t checked out on the first six tips on how to be productive, then click here, because you’re missing out!

In the first part, we talked about all the task related tips to be more productive and how to get more done in lesser amount of time. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the changes you can make in order to incorporate being productive into your daily routine, so that it becomes an easy habit. By following these tips, being productive won’t feel like a burden, but it will come naturally to you.

Wake Up Early and Have a Routine

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make was not having a proper sleep routine. I used to pay PUBG all night long and wake up whenever I wanted. It made me feel like the days were very small, and in turn, when the night would fall, all I’d want to do was curl up, read a book, watch a movie, and get cozy. This was the enemy of productivity.

Overtime I made a few changes that helped me realize what I was doing wrong, and decided to take accountability. I started fixing my sleep schedule slowly and in a week, I trained myself to wake up early in the morning. Over the time, my morning routine set it self and by the time it was noon, half of my tasks were done, and I’d still feel more productive.

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Waking up early gives you more time to yourself, as well. You can meditate, have a big breakfast, read a book while you’re eating, then get some work done as waking up early naturally makes you feel fresh, and so on. I’ve realized that making this one small change has really improved the quality of my life, and my mental health, which is a plus!

Get Some Exercise

Everybody keeps telling us that exercise is good for health, but we still choose to ignore it. Exercise is not only for losing weight, it has many more health benefits. Working out makes you feel lighter, happier, and overall it increases the quality of your life in many ways.

I’ve seen that the days that I get some workout done, I feel more productive and energetic. Whereas, if I stay lazy, I feel no motivation to get up and all the tasks ahead of me feel like a huge burden. Give it a try if you haven’t already. It might seem like a lot of work, but it helps immensely.

Get Some Sleep

Increasing the quality of your life in different ways can make you more productive. One of which is getting good amount of sleep. Often times when we have a lot of work to do, the first thing we sacrifice is our sleep, which can be a huge mistake because lack of sleep affects our focus, and in turn, we spend more time in getting things done rather than utilizing the time effectively.

So, if you have a routine set, don’t ruin it. Get your quality sleep at proper time, and you will feel more awake and energetic when you’re getting your tasks done.

Keep Your Space Clean

A cluttered space can make you feel demotivated, and you won’t even know about it. Before starting any work, if you clean up your space, you will realize how positively it can affect your mood and overall outlook towards getting stuff done. Subconsciously, the clean area where you’re working, or even looking at from time to time while working, can soothe your nerves and in turn, help you stay productive for longer period of time without getting your mind cluttered.

Another benefit of having a cleaner space is that you won’t have to waste your time when you need something. You’d know exactly where everything is and that will save you more time and mental energy, as well.

Get Out of Your PJs

It took me a long while to finally admit that PJs are for sleeping. With Covid-19 and having to stay at home all day, staying in PJs had become a habit of mine. And as I started making small changes to my routine when I realized how lazy I was being, changing out of my PJs definitely helped. Staying in my PJs all day would make me feel sleepy, and maybe a bit too comfortable to want to get things done. Once I started making myself look presentable and wore proper clothes, my mind instantly wanted to get more things done.

So if you like to wear PJs all day long, get out of them. They’d only make you want to light a scented candle, read a book and drink hot chocolate. (I know I made you crave that!)

Take More Breaks

Once you are feeling like getting things done, and you do start ticking off tasks from your to-do list, don’t exhaust yourself, or you’ll just go back to your previous practices. One trick to achieving that is by taking more breaks. Now listen to me, taking breaks do not mean that you will work for 30 minutes and then take 2 hour break. Taking more breaks means relaxing your mind between or during tasks so that it doesn’t get too exhausted and give up. My trick is, if you have a lot of work to do, work for an hour, take a 15 minutes break, then work for another hour. By doing this, you will have that break to look forward to, in which you can do whatever you please, and then the one hour work period doesn’t seem too lengthy either.

These tips have really worked for me when it comes to being productive. I hope they help you too.

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Till next time,
Stay Postive.

Munazza Bangash.

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