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Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette – Review | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Tati Westbrook has been one of my most favorite Beauty Gurus of all time; she’s mature, talented, soft spoken, well informed, and honest! Whenever she recommends something, I trust her completely, especially because she experiments with so much products on daily basis that I believe she can easily tell the difference between a good quality and a bad product. So, when she came out with her own makeup line, I couldn’t be happier! I expected nothing less than perfection from her.

I’m not the one who jumps on a bandwagon and buys something because everybody else is. Instead, I take a few days to decide whether I want to spend my hard earned money on something I find interesting or not, based on my need at the time. So, that waiting period caused me to lose my chance of getting the palette when it was launched, as it was sold out the same day. So, the second time when it was restocked, I had made my mind to get my hands on this amazing product, and I did (with the help of my uncle).

Disclaimer: All of my thoughts are honest. I bought this palette on my own, and have been using it for at least three months now.

Tati Beauty Palette Vol 1


Aside from the fact that Tati was the one who created this palette (which was a huge factor because I knew that it would be a good quality product), what drew me the most to it was how basic it was. I fell in love with the whole idea of the product; the packaging, the shades, the textures! It’s the kind of palette that can quickly become your go-to.


The Tati Beauty palette comes in a beautiful matte black (Grey-ish) packaging, with the brand name and Vol 1 written on the spine of the palette, making it look like a book, and that was the basic idea of the packaging (very smart). The palette is heavy and sturdy. It closes shut magnetically. It also contains a huge mirror!

When you hold it in your hands you would know that it’s a good quality product.

Tati Beauty Palette Vol 1


This palette consists of twenty-four pans of shadows. There are six shades, each in four different finishes/textures. This palette consists of neutrals that can be used on daily basis, on your wedding day, on other special occasions, and on clients, as well. Basically this palette will cover you for all occasions, especially if you like to go more neutral.



Following are the four textures each shade comes in.

  1. Matte – creamy mattes to create any basic look, smoke out the corners of the eye, or use in the crease.
  2. Sequin – Matte shades with a bit of sparkle in it (when you want to take your look up a notch).
  3. Metallic – Classic creamy metallic eyeshadows for the lid.
  4. Glitter – Glitter eye shadows that are easily applied on the lid without a glue.


Following are the six shades available in the Tati Beauty Palette.

  1. Memory – a classic black shade.
  2. Ritual – a medium brown.
  3. Story – a muted orange.
  4. Soothe – a soft neutral beige shade.
  5. Aura – a pinkish white/silver.
  6. Poet – a darker pink.

Note: The shades don’t remain exactly the same from one texture to another for obvious reasons. There will be a slight difference. For example Memory in matte is jet black, but in metallic it becomes more silvery.


It’s only available on the official site of Tati Beauty for now. It retails for $48 USD on the site. You can order it in Pakistan from pages like Macverse, Laviva Glam, Semora etc, for around 10,000 PKR.



  • Luxurious Packaging – I am an absolute fan of the packaging of this palette; it’s sturdy, sophisticated, minimal, gorgeous, and has a large mirror!
  • Perfect for Everyone – The shades in this palette can be used by absolutely anyone. Even if you are relatively new to makeup, the shades in this palette are fool proof.
  • All in One – This palette contains four different finishes which can be utilized in every occasion. You can wear it on a daily basis, and you can wear it on special events!
  • Quality – The quality of the product is outstanding. Especially the mattes; they’re creamy and easy to blend. The Sequin shades are stunning when applied to the lid. The metallic shades are creamy and beautifully applied. The glitter shades are particularly great; the glitter doesn’t stick to the brush or finger when you apply it to the lid, it doesn’t get patchy, it doesn’t make the lid oily; the glitter shades are my favorite!
  • It works well with other palettes, if you want to create different looks. However, this can be that one palette that you use every time you do your makeup, if you are basic.
  • It’s a great palette for you whether you’re a makeup artist or do light makeup on yourself occasionally.


  • It’s basic, (which I like, but) if you like to wear color more than neutrals, this might not become your most used palette.
  • If you have a lot of eyeshadow palettes and makeup products, you might already posses the shades available in this palette, which can make spending money on this a waste.
  • It is relatively expensive.
  • The glitters are not the alternative of loose glitters; they will not sparkle as intensely as chunky loose glitters. They will sparkle like normal glitter, yes, but it’s not too intense when applied on the lid.
  • Due to there being four finishes of each shade, the actual number of shades is pretty small. You only get six shades.
  • A few shades might take a few uses to perform their absolute best.


I use the Tati palette in almost every single look I create on myself or my clients, but it’s usually mixed with shades from other palettes as well. Here are the looks I created with this palette alone.


I love it! It’s one of my most used palettes, especially on my clients. I can not wait for more volumes of this collection to launch, and get my hands on them!

Do I recommend this? Absolutely! It’s great for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you want to see more reviews, make sure you hit the like button, follow this blog, and leave a comment, so that I know what my followers enjoy most on my blog!

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