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First Makeup Haul of 2020 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

2020 is on it’s way to end. I’m sorry, I had to start this way. Just look at how quickly the year 2020 is passing by! It’s the end of February, and I’m probably still stuck in 2012. Wow, somewhere between wanting the exams to end, and struggling to make a living; I think we grew up. Somewhere between being afraid our parent will catch us, and being afraid they’d leave us forever, we grew up. Somewhere between crying for a chocolate bar, and bringing chocolates for our nieces and nephews, we grew up. And somewhere between wanting to grow up, and wanting our childhood days are back, we grew up.

But, hey, that’s life, right?

So, yeah! 2020 is passing by in a swift, and all we can do is try to live in the present and make memories. So far, 2020 has been good for me, personally. I hope it has served you good, too. I also hope the bad luck 2020 has brought upon the world (with all the wars, disasters and health issues) ends and we see a better future from now on.

What a weird way to start a haul, right? Let’s talk makeup.

All the overwhelming launches by the end of 2019 had me order a few things (costing me my savings with all the shipping expenses), and they’re finally here! I am loving each and every product that I got. They’re all good quality cosmetics, and I will be reviewing each in depth very soon!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Kits and Mini Controversy Palette, Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette, & Makeup Revolution Tammix Eyeshadow Palette

Here is everything I got! Please do let me know in the comments which product would you like me to review first and which product do you wanna see used most in my up coming makeup looks!

Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette

This is probably on of the best makeup purchases I’ve ever made. I love Tati Westbrook, especially because she has such a mature and calm personality. So, when she launched her eye shadow palette (and that, too, such a beautiful and genius one), I knew I had to get it. It’s perfect for makeup artists, because 99% of clients ask you for wearable looks (some want subtle some want dramatic, but always wearable), and this palette is absolutely perfect for that!

Jeffree Star Cosmetic x Shane Dawson Mini Controversy Palette

Who doesn’t love Shane Dawson, and who isn’t inspired by Jeffree’s brilliant business strategies? (P.s., so proud to be a Scorpio!) So, together, when they launched this beautiful collection, I knew I had to get my hands on it whether it costs me a kidney. But the only thing I could get my hands on was the mini controversy palette, and it’s beautiful! The quality of the packaging alone is just super! It’s heavy and sturdy, and big (which I kind of didn’t expect). The Huda Beauty mini palettes are so small in front this one. The pan size is nice and big and I’m loving every bit of this.

Makeup Revolution Tammix Eye Shadow Palette

We all need a colorful palette in our lives for all the creative Instagram eye looks! But it doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune. I got his Makeup Revolution palette for the same purpose, and trust me, it’s one of the best purchases when it comes to getting something for creative look. The shadows are really good quality, and I can create many looks with this palette.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Nudes Bundle Vol 2

I had a very few number of good quality lip colors and was in dire need of some good shades. So, what better way to get a lot of different shades for lesser price than getting minis? You can try out more shades and then decide which ones you like best and purchase the full size of that particular shade only! So I got the Mini Nudes and also the Mini Red & Pink bundle!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Red and Pink Bundle

…and I am so happy with all the purchases I’ve made! Now I just have to save up from scratch. Was it worth it though? ABSOLUTELY!

What did you buy to treat yourself so far in 2020?

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