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Makeup Artistry, Industrial Psychology, and Objections!| MUNAZZA BANGASH

Hello! My name is Munazza Bangash. I’m from Pakistan, a Muslim, and about to turn 24. I have done my Masters in Industrial Psychology.

I’m sure you all must be wondering, “Why the sudden introduction?” Well, this post is related to who I am, what my choices have been regarding my career and life, and the difficulties I’ve face in the light of those choices and decisions. Actually, this post is the answer to one of the objections I’ve faced regarding my choices and decisions.

But before that, let me tell you that this is going to be a very laid back kinda post, where I write whatever comes to my mind. It might be chaotic or confusing, but that’s my head most of the time. So welcome!

The culture that I come from can be considered conservative. It has taken me all my life to struggle through objections and restrictions to where I am today. I’m not talking about the same old issues people bring up when it comes to our society. I’m not being bitter; my family is amazing! My experience was very personal; my father passing away, us moving, etc etc. There were a lot of things I had to fight for and a lot of people I had to fight with. But it’s a whole other discussion.

Let’s get back to this one particular objection. Everybody was very happy when I completed my studies and did my masters in Industrial Psychology. I was happy, too. (No more exams!) And then the inevitable questions started, “What next?”

“I want to continue my career as a makeup artist,” I said.

And that came as a shock to a lot of people, especially my relatives. And their reaction was not understood by me, either, because it wasn’t particularly appreciated in our family when a woman worked a job. And the fact that for me, my relatives preferred a “better” job than being a makeup artist was just confusing. I know that if I had demanded a corporate job, I would’ve gotten a flat “shut up, and get married” card. But, me being myself, I fought with everyone who objected, and did what I had to.

Alhamdolillah, I got accepted by Amna Farhad to work as her senior artist. That was the time my career really took a spin because before that I was probably a no-body, and with that job, I got somewhat of a recognition, experience, and also good compensation for my work. Once I started earning good, all of those who objected my field of work, suddenly became “proud” of me. All of those who I begged for investment and got laughter as an answer before I got the job, started “offering” me investment to start my own studio. It’s funny, really, how quickly perspectives can change.

However, to date, I still get questions like, “Why have your pursued your career as a makeup artist, when you have done your masters in Industrial Psychology?” These questions are thrown at me at least once a week, not only by my relatives, but by my clients, too!

Exactly! I have done my masters in Industrial Psychology. It’s basically the psychology of everything related to business. We were never taught to just be an HR manager of a certain company, or just evaluate employee progress from time to time, or incorporate Pop Psychology methods into the work field. The opportunities with my field of education are endless.

Being a makeup artist means being an entrepreneur, and Industrial Psychology aids me in customer dealing, business strategies, employee satisfaction, and what not! I took up Industrial Psychology just so I can be a makeup artist.

I just wish people would stop considering the Makeup Artistry field as something people do when they don’t get jobs elsewhere. It’s not true. Makeup is my passion, and so is business. This is the best combination I have set up for myself.

Anyways, this topic is too wide for me. There is so much I can talk about when it comes to restrictions, objections and how I had to work through that to be where I am today. But, you know what, some other day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do let me know in the comments below if you like these kinds of posts where I just share the jumbled thoughts inside my bipolar head, or I should just stick to reviews and tips, etc. Can’t wait to get back to you with more content.

With positive energy; I’ll see you next time!
Munazza Bangash

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Twitter: /munazza_bangash

Youtube: /Munazza Bangash

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