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How to Prevent and Fix Cake-y Foundation! | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Hey everyone, and welcome back! Today I wanted to do laid back post, just chilling with you guys and talking about makeup. So since I’ve started working with Amna Farhad and taking my clients there, I have learned quite a few things as a makeup artist. So, today I wanna talk about how I manage to give every client of mine, that flawless finish when it comes to foundation application and so on. Here is some of my work at Amna Farhad’s Studio.

It’s actually a very simple trick that took me a while to wrap my head around. All makeup artists have there own techniques and tricks that they like to use when it comes to giving the perfect base to their clients, whether it is a party makeup or a heavy duty bridal makeup.

The number one tip that I would give is not to be afraid. When you are afraid of applying a cake-y base, you’re most likely to end up there. Just be confident.

Confidently, pick up a lot of product and then disperse it quickly. Don’t let the foundation dry, and don’t keep layering it once it is dried. That’s my biggest secret. I pump out all the product that I need on a palette, and then I pick most of it on my beauty sponge and I just go in. I start from the cheek and work my way in. There is usually a lot of product on the sponge, so I just disperse it with the part of it that has nothing on it, and it sheers it out and makes it look flawless.

Another tip is to make use of concealers. You don’t have to cover everything with a foundation. The main purpose of a foundation is to even out skin tone, not to cover everything up. Use concealers for that. Just apply a good amount of concealer (again, don’t be afraid), and disperse it with the blender; just don’t use the same side that you used for the foundation or it’ll definitely get cake-y.

What else? The main thing when it comes to a good base is your skin prep. Moisturize your skin, no matter if you’re dry or oily. Moisturizer is a must. Apply a pore filling or a mattifying primer if needed. Spray your face with hydrating primer if you’re too dry before going in with your foundation. Never forget to color correct. apply an orange (or green or yellow) correcter generously, and don’t worry about it peaking through; because it won’t. Just be confident.

Then take a brush and apply a compact powder under your eyes (the concealer shouldn’t be too wet, or it’ll bunch up), and the rest of your face. Then bake your face with a translucent powder. It goes under your eyes, around your mouth and the areas where you’re gonna place your contour in order to avoid it being patchy.

What to do if the base looks cake-y and now you need to fix it? Simple. Just spray your face with Mac Fix Plus and pat the wetness into your face with a clean sponge (or the same sponge but be careful). Then after you’re done with the rest of your makeup, just drench your face with a good setting spray. Morphe and Urban Decay has good options.

What else can you do? You can try not panicking. Give your makeup an hour. Your skin’s natural moisture and oil with melt the makeup into your skin and it’ll surely look flawless. Just relax!

And that’s it. Drop any questions you have in the comment section below, I’m happy to help. Better than that, let me know how you achieve a flawless base. Would love to know.

Also, I want to write a post on how to prevent and fix GREY base. Interested?

With a positive energy; I’ll see you next time!
Munazza Bangash

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