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Life & Work Update – Where I’ve Been + Surprise Makeup Looks! | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Assalam o alaikum, everyone! How are you all doing?

As you all know that I’ve been off action on this site for the past 30 or so days. Although, I wanted to write so many creative and new posts, share information and routines, and so much more, but I honestly did not get the time to do so.

Great news! I’ve started working with Amna Farhad as her Senior Makeup Artist. This is huge for me as I’ve always been in love with Amna Farhad’s makeup. A month back she announced that she wanted to hire a makeup artist for her studio, as now that she’s married and will be in UK more time than in Pakistan. It was a great opportunity, but I didn’t think that I would qualify. But I still applied.

Here’s a lesson for you all. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice on the door, so grab it and give it your best.

I had my own studio before her (If we’re calling my room a studio), so I had experience. I had taken a masterclass from her and knew her work ethics (which I loved). So, anyway, I applied and surprise surprise, she called me in for a demo, and got selected! This was a huge success for me. Here are some of the looks I’ve done in her Studio:


Amna has taught me majorly when it comes to makeup, and she will forever be an inspiration to me.

My friends in the blogging community, like Umaima Mehtab, Jadirah Sarmad, Shaheer, etc, gave me compliments saying that I deserve it and everything, and it’s just absolutely lovely having their support. My biggest support was my best friend and assistant, Moomal Zehra. If she hadn’t pushed me, I would never have been here.

Have I started to ramble already? I need to get back on track with writing blog posts! I’ve forgotten how to write properly. Cue laughter.

Anyway, no more breaks. I’ve decided to be more consistent (this time for sure). I want to update this blog twice a week (or maybe 6 posts a month), my Instagram every single day, and I really wanna complete my book on Wattpad, but we’ll see about that. I don’t wanna bind myself with writing novels just yet with all the work in the studio and my own socials; especially this blog.

I’ll write what I’m up to these days (what I’m watching, reading, liking, etc) in my April Catch Up (Yes, I’m bringing them back!). What else? I guess that’s it. So good to be back!

With a positive energy; I’ll see you next time!
Munazza Bangash

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