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Product of the Month – J. Note | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Lip products. While there are a number of lip products in the market these days, finding that perfect lip cream can be a hassle. Whether it’s the formula, the color or the price range; something can mess up the process of finding a holy grail lip product.

While all the three qualities mentioned above can not be found completely in this month’s featured product, it’s formula and color takes the crown.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

Shade: 04 Runway
Price: 1,485 PKR

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

To be very honest, I’ve never spent a lot when it came to lip products (although I should),  but I just thought it was a waste of money until last month. I bought Note Cosmetics’ lip cream. I was trying out their liquid lipsticks which were for around 1,000 PKR, but the brand ambassador there asked me to try the lip creams (which are for around 1,500 PKR) and I absolutely loved the color, and it felt great on my lips as well.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

Although the Note Cosmetics Lip Creams do not dry down completely like liquid lipsticks, they do not leave your lips for a long time unlike random lipsticks. When you apply the lip cream and then press your lips on something, the cream will transfer. However, when it is left on your lips for about an hour or so, the transfer of color minimizes to a great level.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

This lip cream will leave a stain on your lips, so if anyone doesn’t like it, this might bother them. I, however, love it because even when this lip cream is worn all day, the stain ensures that the lips stay tinted and beautiful.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

The formula of this lip cream can not be described better than the adjective; Velvety. It’s very smooth and comfortable on the lips. When I wear this cream, all I want to do is press my lips together and feel the texture. If someone doesn’t like a velvety lip cream, it might not be for them. It’s formula is far from a lip gloss. It can be considered a concoction of  Nyx lip cream and a liquid lipstick.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream

It is a squeeze-out tube which ensures that the cream inside the tube remains sanitary. The applicator is a sponge that has holes, through which the cream oozes out. The applicator aids the velvety texture of the lip cream. However, it can not be used to outline the lips crisply. The tube is matte black with a strip of the particular shade. You get 12 ml in the tube, and total of 8 shades to choose from.

J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

Tip: If you want this lip cream to last longer, just dab a tissue on your lips after application.


  • Stunning shade (i.e., 04 Runway)
  • Comfortable on the lips.
  • Velvety texture.
  • Leaves a stain enabling longevity.
  • Mineral lip cream.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Vegan.
  • Hydrating.
  • Elegant matte-black packaging.
  • Sanitary product ensured by the tube-packaging.


  • A bit price-y but not over the top.
  • Matte tube can get a bit dirty if it isn’t handled carefully.
  • The applicator is not good for a crisp outline.
  • Not completely transfer proof if you’re into liquid lipsticks.
  • Only 8 shades to choose from.
J. Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream 

According to the Brand:

Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream is enriched with natural minerals to provide extra hydration and protection for fragile lips. This rich lip cream comes with a special sponge applicator which delivers richly pigmented, luxurious colour. The lips become slightly stained so the colour remains.Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream will become your new favourite product!



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