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A Twitter Love Story? | MUNAZZA BANGASH

It all started with a novel written in a rough register. It included everything related to dark magic, curses, and friendship. Much drama was added to the story. My best friend at the time and I used to enact the scenes from that story, and laugh our heads off.

Then I switched to Wattpad, and much of my time was spent on writing Zayn Malik fan fictions; don’t judge. However bad I wrote the stories, they were well-loved by the readers. Then on to more serious writings. Short stories. Those were my most appreciated writings, and frankly, I love them very much.

And then I started writing my most serious novel. Let it Fall. I wrote it for, I’d say, years. I poured my heart and soul into it. And then one day; I stopped. I don’t know what happened. Maybe, I got more interested in makeup and blogging, but I just stopped writing.

Years passed, and I’m not even kidding. Years. And finally, now, I feel like writing again.

I’ve started writing a story on Wattpad to get back into track and refresh my skills. It’s going to be a very laid back kind of novel, just for Wattpad. Mostly conversations are added to it for a fun effect.

Here is a sneak peak for you all. If you would like to support me, follow me on Wattpad and please leave a comment; it makes my day.

You can find it here: Sam and Mia (Twitter) ~When their grandchildren insisted them to tell them their love story, Mia closed her eyes momentarily, and then she began; “It was 2nd May of 2018. He had followed me on Twitter.”



Three sets of innocent, sparkling eyes stared up at them. Mia ignored the woman in white strolling out of the door.

“It’s embarrassing,” said Mia.

“Of course, it’s not. I love our story.” Sam smiled.

“Oh, pretty please,” Shelly said; her smile revealing braces. Her siblings agreed. They were seated on the floor, cross-legged.

When their grandchildren insisted them to tell them their love story, Mia closed her eyes momentarily, and then she began; “It was 2nd May of 2018. He had followed me on Twitter.”

“No, no…” Sam shook his bald head, fixing his thick glasses on his nose. “You had asked me to follow you.”

They were seated on the bed in their bedroom where they had entered years ago on the day of their wedding. The main wall was still painted crimson. Mia never let them change the color when everything was being renewed. It smelt like roses, which were still brought everyday by her husband and put in the vase on her bedside. Sam had promised to give her a rose everyday.

“No, Sam. You had retweeted my tweet, and then followed me.” Mia looked at him, her winter-white thin hair pulled up in a bun.

He shook his head again. “I had retweeted your tweet in which you had tagged me saying, f4f. You were desperate for followers.”

“Sam!” Her wrinkly smile faded for a second, but then it was there again.

He gave a small laugh with a weak voice, and looked at his grandchildren. Emma, Drew and Shelly, five, eight and ten, respectively, looking up at their beloved grand parents with big, excited eyes. “I’m kidding. She was a famous tweep. I was a nobody.”

Mia shook her head again. “That’s not true, either. I had no more than a thousand followers, and you had, what? two hundred plus?”

“Yes, I recall.” Sam placed his wrinkled hand over hers and gave it a soft squeeze, then said, “Go on…”

Mia said, “So, it all started when I had had the worst accident, and he, being the insensitive boy he used to be, was planning his summer holidays. We met on Twitter.”

Sam chuckled, staring at the floor.

With a positive energy; I’ll see you next time!
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