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2018 in a Nutshell – Life Updates | MUNAZZA BANGASH

I welcome 2019 with open arms and with high hopes and positive energy.

Where I’ve Been

I know I’ve been MIA for at least two months. Here are some of the reasons, or may I say, some of the excuses. *Winks*

Well, first of all, I had Ayyam-e-aza. Mauharram, Safar till 8th Rabiulawwal. These Islamic months are jam packed with Islamic gatherings in the memory of the great maryr Imam Hussein a.s.

Then I had my final exams for Masters in Industrial Psychology. So naturally most of the time was spent in its preparation and execution.

Right after exams two of my cousins got married, and being the Pashtuns we are, the wedding lasted for two weeks straight consisting of exhausting events every single day, and might I say, the nights as well.

After the wedding, Alhamdolillah, I, along with my family, got the opportunity and the permission from the Almighty to visit the holy Iraq, and purify my eyes with the holy sights that the country offered. (More details in post coming soon. InshaAllah.)

So this is where I’ve been. Now that I’m back, I feel a bit disoriented but inspired nonetheless. This break, I believe, was much needed.

2018 in a Nutshell

2018 has been a very happening year for me.

On the first of January, I got a engaged to the man I chose to be my partner in crime.

If you know me personally, a huge thing happened in my life on the 7th of June. I shifted to my home. It’s rented, yes, but it’s a place I can call home, which is something I missed for six years straight.

My four years of education completed in 2018. I gave my final exams in December, and now I’m finally able to call myself a Master in Industrial Psychology. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I made a lot of new friends this year as well, the highlight being Jadirah Sarmad and Amal. These people inspired me towards my professional goals. Their positive energy has always been contagious.

Other than that, my Instagram went from hundreds to thousands with the follower count currently being in 3,000. It is a big accomplishment for this stage of my career. My blog has also been doing good.

This year, I got my own domain, i.e., MunazzaBangash.com.

The highlight of this year was my visit to the Holy Iraq. It changed my life. Other religious accomplishments have also been in my favor this year, alhamdolillah. I achieved first position in Tajweed-ul-Qur’an course with Qur’an Foundation. I am currently a teacher in training for Tajweed with Kareema-e-Ehlebait’s Safina-e-Noor classes.

All in all, it’s been a blessed year. Through the elation of happy occasions (like, my cousins getting married), and the grief (close family relatives’ deaths), this year has been a life changer. 2012 had changed my life for the worst, and I can say that 2018 has brought on the change that I’ve been waiting for ever since 2012. Alhamdolillah for that.


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I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’m looking forward to this year in hopes for many great things to happen, and working towards achieving my goals. I pray for all of you to have a wonderful year ahead, and to accomplish your goals and reach you wishes.

Scroll down for my makeup looks in 2018!

For my 2019 Resolutions and Goals, stay tuned for the next post on coming Thursday.

With a positive energy; I’ll see you next time!
Munazza Bangash

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Instagram: /MunazzaBangash

Twitter: /munazza_bangash

Youtube: /Munazza Bangash

Facebook: /makeoversbyMB


Makeup Looks of 2018



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