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What’s Your Problem, They Asked | MUNAZZA BANGASH

“What’s your problem?” they asked.

“My problem is your mentality. My problem is how you think that it’s completely okay for you to judge me based on my weight, color, height and gender. Especially gender. My problem is your projection of your own  insecurity on me. I am fine. I am happy with the way I am. I do not feel the need to justify myself to anyone. If my skin is dark or light and you’re bothered by that, then it’s your problem. If you think I’m over weight and you bring me down and shatter my confidence with your words, in the name of, ‘I care about you,’ then I’m sorry you don’t. If you think that I can do so much better by just sitting at home and being a house wife when I want to work, or I can do so much better by being a working woman when I really wanna just spend time with my family and stay home as a housewife, then you’re thinking wrong because it is my choice to spend my time however I want. You are not certified or asked to pass opinions and judgments because if you think something is not right then it’s your problem. And it’s not my job to solve your problems. The fact that you expect me to be exactly the way you want in the name of the relation we have is ridiculous because I am my own person, you do not own me. Yes, I appreciate you telling me what you think is not right and if I’m convinced; well and good. But if I’m not into the idea of understanding your perception of right and wrong, you can not force our relationship to convince me what I should or shouldn’t do. If my actions hurt you that much or me looking a certain type is in your way of doing god knows what, then I’m sorry it’s not me who needs a change in attitude. Because like you, I have many other relationships that matter to me and if I start pleasing everyone on every single detail in my life then I would never be able to make any of you happy, let alone myself. So I make my choice and I choose myself. I will make myself happy. I will work to build myself. I will boost my own confidence. And I expect you to be happy for me the way I am happy for you in every step of your life. So just stop it. Stop being so negative; it’s not worth it.”

…is what I wanted to say. But all I said was, “Never mind,” and left because sometimes that’s the best answer.

Hey guys! So since MunazzaBangash.com is now more of my personal blog as well as beauty and lifestyle, I thought I’d write a post like this to add some personality to my blog, as well as treat it like my diary sometimes. I also want to share some of my writings with you guys in the form of short stories. It’ll be once a month kinda thing. Please do let me know if it’s something you guys are interested in, or should I just stick to beauty?

Thank you so much for hanging out with me!
Munazza Bangash

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