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8 Tips on How to GET Wrinkles | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Hello everyone! In today’s post we’re gonna talk about all the amazing things that we do to ourselves in order to get wrinkles. You will find all the secret tips, tricks and techniques needed to achieve that perfectly wrinkled look.

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Take lots of Caffeine

If you want your skin to be all dehydrated and flaky, you should increase the intake of caffeine. Drink more coffee; I suggest at least 8 cups a day. Tea should also be taken hand in hand.

Smoke it up!

Light up that bad boy and smoke it up. Inhale as much nicotine as you possible can. Smoke at least a packet of cigarettes. Not just that, make sure you keep yourself around people who are heavy smokers. Eat smoke, drink smoke, be smoke.

What’s an Eye Cream?

Steer clear of all the eye creams out in the market. They are here to get you. If you are regularly applying eye cream, it will moisturize your under eyes and prevent wrinkles, which you absolutely do not want.

Facial? Skincare? LOL

Monthly facials are for the ones with a weak heart. You want to let your skin breathe under all the bacteria. Don’t even bother with skin care, let alone have a morning and night time routine. It isn’t worth it, especially if you want your face to be full of fine lines. But if you want to be fancy and apply some products on that face, make sure it has a lot of alcohol in it.

Say NO to Hydration

Do not, I repeat, do not drink 8 glasses of water everyday. You don’t want your skin to thank you if you are planning on achieving that wrinkled skin look.

Sun is Your Best Friend

Go out in the sun without any SPF on your skin. Let the heat beat your skin for at least 4-6 hours. You want your skin to soak up the UV rays. Also make sure you go every day at 11 AM and stay under the sun till 5 PM. Best practice ever!

Be Sleep Deprived

Stay up all night and use your phone and laptop. At daytime, don’t forget to get in some sleep or else you’ll go crazy. But make sure, it’s not more than 4 hours.

Move Them Muscles

The best way to add years to your face quickly is to tug on it and scrunch your face every minute of the day. You can squint your eyes and scrunch up your forehead, and be extremely dramatic with your facial expressions!

Of course, if you don’t want the amazingly wrinkled skin, you can do the exact opposite of everything mentioned above. Just saying.

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