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Miniso Haul – I Spent More than 6000 Rs! | THE HAUL OF BEAUTY

“Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.”

Okay, I agree, this month I have gone a bit overboard with shopping. But you’d just have to deal with it, just as my mom is. *Innocent smile*

I finally went to Miniso with my dearest friends Umaima Mehtab (Link) and Jadirah Sarmad (Link); you can check both of their hauls on their YouTube channels. That day I did some (more) damage! We went to the outlet located at KDA market in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Here is my haul from the Miniso trip.


Nail Polish (Peel Off) – 2 for 349 PKR – I got the light nude shade from the whole range and it appealed to me most because it looked like my-nails-but-better! This has quickly become one of my most used nail polishes! The shade is just stunning.


Nasturtium Water Refreshing Toner – 249 PKR – This was completely filled to the top but I just couldn’t wait to use it and so now it’s a few uses empty. But in a way I think it’s better because this way we can dive into a mini review about this product. I used this toner with one of the sheet masks (will be shown next), and I just loved the results. It’s hydrating and actually makes you feel refreshed, and honestly, the price is a-okay! Oh, and the packaging is super cute, too.


Skincare Condensed Facial Mask – 249 PKR – This product I was most excited about. These are sheet masks wrapped up into a tablet each. All you have to do is add some toner or even water to a tablet and it will open up and would work as good as a traditional sheet mask! You can also carry them easily as each tablet is separately packed in a pocket of its own, and plus they don’t go bad; so it’s a win win.


Olive Essence Oil – 249 PKR – So this was an essential purchase. I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t own a bottle of face oil. So this is what I got, and so far I’m loving it. I like to occasionally apply it at night before going to sleep and it works wonders.


Fashionable Sunglasses – 899 PKR – I love me some good sun wear! The moment got my hands on this pair of sunglasses, I have gotten a number of compliments on them; this makes it a worth it purchase for me.


Cross body Bag – 1399 PKR – I got this specifically because of the color, and more so, because of the ring holder! I think this looks very chic and elegant. However, if it had a zipped section to keep your money in, it would have been so much better!


Casual Style Back Pack – 1199 PKR – I bought this because my mom thought that I absolutely need this for uni and I was like “sure why not; give me a reason to shop.” I am actually really enjoying this back pack.


Fold-able Touch Desk Lamp – 1199 PKR – This is one of my most useful purchases from the Miniso outlet. It is extremely convenient, bright, adjustable and looks super cute!


Vacuum Bottle – 699 PKR – I bought it, again, for my university and I like it in a way as it keeps my water cold and my coffee and tea warm (depends on what I want to take to uni that day). It is good enough for the coffee, but for water, it is a bit small.


And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoying shopping for it! Make sure to check out Umaima’s and Jadirah’s videos as well.

Also, comment below and let me know if you have visited Miniso yet, and if you have, what your most favorite purchase was.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me!
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