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Beauty Sins: Warm Toned Contour | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

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Contour is a technique that alters the appearance of your face by adding lights and shadows in order to chisel your cheeks, jawline and slim down the nose or forehead. It creates an illusion of a shadow.

Now, I’m not talking about all those of you who loves putting on a lot of makeup and color in the hollows of your cheeks, go ahead; you do you. We see all those girls on makeup counters, and frankly, a lot of people like that look. However, this post is to let you know why you can’t achieve that naturally chiseled cheeks and a slimmer face even after putting on all that makeup.

If you take a look at the natural shadows of your face, it will be easily visible how cool toned, mauve-y, and almost grey they really are. When you’re contouring your face, you want to create those natural shadows on your face in order make your face look smaller, or have your cheeks look more lifted.

A lot of people tend to use a bronzer for the job of a contour, which is made only for the look of a sun kissed skin. Blusher is also used as contour, also called draping. However, the job of a blusher is to make the cheeks look flushed and add a youthful glow; it emphasizes the cheekbones.

Only a cool toned powder (or cream) should be used as a contour, no matter what your undertone is, if the goal is to create a shadow. In order to actually look like you have chiseled cheekbones and a snatched nose, shadows are needed to be created instead of adding more color those area and defeating the purpose.

A lot of makeup brands advertise their bronzers as contours because it “might work” but that’s just a lie. All they want is to sell their products and what better way to make a fool of everyone? We see this made into a trend on YouTube as a lot of beauty gurus use bronzers as their contour shades, and it just looks muddy and dirty, because shadows are cool toned; you will never find an orange shadow anywhere on your face or in general.

A lot of people complain that their “shadow” looks too ashy. Well, there are variants of contour shades. Look closely at your natural shadow. Use the exact same shade. Another tip is to use the contour shade with a very light hand. You’re not creating a shadow on the floor; it’s your face, it should be ever so subtle.

Warm toned contour is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to makeup. What is yours?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Beauty Sins is a new series on The Hall of Beauty. Here I talk about all the makeup don’ts that we usually do. The makeup sins we commit.

Make sure to comment below and let me know what sin would you like me to discuss in the next post?

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