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February Plan With Me | THE HALL OF BUJO

What’s a Bullet Journal without a Monthly Log? Here is how I keep my bullet journal interesting, and myself up to date; by giving different themes to different months, and by alternating the designs of different spreads. This month’s theme color is pink, purple and gold due to the month being host to Valentine’s day.


Title Page: For this month, I kept it all simpler than before, especially the title page. I decided to draw in a mini calendar on top of the page, the title February in the middle (I faked Calligraphy), and a small quote at the bottom of the page to get reminded each time I open up my bullet journal that all I need in my life is positiveness, because negativity will attract negative – let’s be optimistic together.

For added designs, I pasted a sticker of a heart (being as cheesy as possible) and made the borders with golden washy tape that is half on this page and half of it is flipped on the other one, so the edges are completely covered; this way I know even when the bullet journal is closed that where do which month starts (i.e., based on color coded months, and corresponding colored washy tapes.)

Word of the Month: This month I strive for balance; that is balance between personal life and work, balance between social life and studies, balance between burning out and mental well being. Just balance.

Growth Tracker: In my monthly growth trackers, I track my followers for the month by writing in three separate columns respectively; the followers (of the specific platform) that I currently have, what my goals are for this month, and what I end up with by the end of the month.
For this month, I drew the logos of the platforms I wanted to keep a track of, just to be a little fancy.

Monthly Log: I love a basic calendar with square boxes to fill in; this gives you an overview of your month at a glance. I love filling this in and referring back to it; it makes my life so much more easier and effective.

Daily Diary: This is one of my most favorite spreads ever. I always wanted to write in diary but was always skeptical about it. I used to think it would get boring and I wouldn’t be able to fill in all the pages, and along the way I realized that it’s really not about filling in the pages. What it really is about is reliving the day at the end of it and just writing the highlights of the things you either want to remember or want to let out of your system. This is starting to feel more like my best friend than a bullet journal.

Expense Tracker: Simple yet effective. I was shocked to see the end result of my Expense Tracker of the previous month and realized how much I actually needed this in my life to track my spending habits.

Habit Tracker: This is my huge Habit Tracker, because I have a lot of habits to track. Some people might think this a bit of a stretch, I would say that maybe it is, but this spread really makes my day more productive and I know at every step of my day what needs to be done. I’m in love with this page.

Ideas Dump: This is simple a page in which I write all of my ideas for the coming month related to my blog, YouTube and eye looks I want to do. This is such a life saver. Whenever I’m stuck and feel uninspired, I can always refer back to this page and have instant boost of inspiration. P.s., this is page is almost filled up.

Mood Tracker: This is one of the most fun pages of my bullet journal. I love filling this in by the end of the day, and realize just how moody I really am. I just drew a mini calendar with small boxes in which I’d fill in the color corresponding to the particular emotion.

Quote: LIKE this blog post if you love Professor Dumbledore. If you don’t know who Professor Dumbledore is, you’re probably under the ruins of Mohen jo Daro. On this page, I have one of my most favorite quotes by our beloved professor. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. An important reminder, isn’t it?

Weekly Spreads: I felt like last month’s weekly spreads didn’t really give me enough space to write everything that needed to be written inside, so in this month’s weekly spread, I just divided the page into four sections and allotted each section to different days of the week, and the last one for a brain dump (for reminders and other things).

P.s., do you ever wonder why week days are 7 and not 8? Why 7 out of all the other numbers? I feel like I’m missing out on some important history or scientific knowledge.

And that’s it! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking a peek at my monthly spreads. Don’t forget to share your recreations and do let me know if these posts inspire you in any way.

Also, how do you keep your life organised?

Thank you so much for hanging out with me!
Munazza Bangash

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5 thoughts on “February Plan With Me | THE HALL OF BUJO

  1. I love peeking to other people’s bullet journal :D. I also bullet journales last year, but I found that I spent too much time doing it. I’m just too much of a perfectionist :p. I enjoyed it though :D. xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great! I’m also a perfectionist. But we should always remember that a bullet journal is supposed to be a convinience. If it becomes chore, then we’re probably doing it wrong. I change up my spreads every now and then to keep myself interested and to transform the journal to be as convinient as possible. ♡


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