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January Cravings – Zay Beauty, Salwa Admaney and more | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Assalam o alaikum!

Welcome back to another installment of the Monthly Cravings series. Today I have some really interesting picks. A lot of the things and products mentioned below might be new to you, and surprisingly, a lot of the products are by Pakistani brands.


The first thing that I want to get my hands on is by Zay Beauty¬†which is a “Very Desi Makeup Brand.” So this brand just launched a new eyeshadow palette, named “Mod Skot” which is super cute because this shows how much effort was put into the palette. Mod Skot is actually a desi slang for being preppy. There are 18 eyeshadows in there including separate sections for Lid Metallics, Crease Blenders, Dimensionals, and Brighteneres. All the shades are random Pakistani female names; and I love the idea! The shades themselves look very promising, and I really want to play with these.

zay beauty
Img Source: Instagram (Zayfied)

The second thing that I absolutely crave this month is also by a very new brand called MKUP Cosmetics. This is owned by Sabella who is a very talented makeup artist on Instagram. I’m so happy that she started her own line, and I know that it’s going to be a success. What I want to try from her line is her glitters, especially Diamond Glitter, Fuse Glitter, Marito Glitter, and Zex Glitter! Actually, everything on the site looks promising! I also want to try her liquid lipsticks, especially in the shades Sand, Bella and Moan.

Next up we have some amazing lashes that I crave this month. These are by Salwa Admaney, and are available currently in Karachi only. I really want to try the Mink Collection for my instagram eye looks, and some affordable yet dramatic style lashes from her for my brides!

zay beauty
Img Source: Instagram (ShopSalwaAdmaney)

I think this month’s Cravings List is pretty awesome. I hope you guys got decent recommendations (because I really do see the potential in these products, and I really do wanna try these and incorporate them into my looks).

Last month’s Cravings: December!

Have you tried any of these? If you have; please let me know if my thoughts about these products being awesome is right or not. Would love to see your recommendations. Other than that, make sure to Follow this blog for more content, and don’t forget to “Like” the post before you leave.

Thank you so much hanging out with me!
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