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My New Year Resolutions and Goals – 2018 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

Assalam o alaikum!

Let’s cut straight through BS. I finally understood the difference between Resolutions and Goals in my 2018 Bullet Journal set up. So here I am with my resolutions for the year 2018 along with the goals I want to accomplish this year, InshaAllah! 

resolutions and goals



  • I will get some workout on daily basis. It can be only 15 minutes of brisk walk, or an hour long gym session; I will take at least a few minutes out of my day to get my body moving.
  • I will say NO to junk food at least 6 days of the week, and for snacks I will gladly rely on Fruits and Greens, as I love them already.
  • At least 8 glasses of water every day.


  • I will maintain complete Hijab, no matter if it’s a party or a wedding (even if it’s my own).
  • I will stay away from Haram Songs and Haram Music as much as humanly possible. 
  • I will not miss Fajar prayer.
  • I will recite the Holy Quran every single day.


  • At least eight glasses of water everyday!
  • I will do The Hall of Support every single day!
  • Update my blog at least twice a week; Youtube at least once a week; and Instagram every single day.


  • I will try be nice to every single person and keep my composure, especially when my mood is not so good.
  • I will stop complaining and learn to say “It’s okay” at the times of hardship.
  • I will try to stay positive and let go of pessimistic thoughts and ideas.


  • Be regular and punctual. 
  • I will take part in extra curricular activities.


  • I will have my makeover Studio set up this year. InshaAllah!
  • I will be Pakistan Beauty Society approved Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger.
  • I will get highest marks in at least one of my subjects.
  • I will (along) with my mother visit all the holy places.

My biggest goal this year is to have the satisfaction that the least I have done is that I have tried to make Allah happy, and also to lead a more productive and happier life. I want my over all mindset to be optimistic and non-judgmental, and I also want to make some lifestyle changes in order to lead a more healthy life.

What about you?

Do you think New Year Resolutions are helpful, or is a waste of time?

Munazza Bangash

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