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My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up – How I Organize my Life | THE HALL OF BEAUTY


Assalam o alaikum! Just a few days left until new year. Is all of this for real? Life is moving too fast for my liking. It is especially a struggle for me to keep a track of different aspects of my life. The other day I was watching Jamie Paige’s Bullet Journal for 2018 video and was crazy inspired by it. By then I was unaware of the wonderful creation that is a Bullet Journal. From then on I spent most of the time doing my research about it, the designs, the layouts, the words, the headers, the collections, the pictures; I watched many videos made on the topic of Bullet Journaling.  It was like I was obsessed. I spent a lot of time in creating my own bullet journal, because I knew how badly I needed it. And then I thought, why not share my bullet Journal Setup with you guys in order to motivate and inspire you to be more active in organizing your own life!

Before anything, let’s take a look at what a Bullet Journal is.

Bullet Journal


A bullet journal is your best friend. It gives you enough room to do whatever you want with it. It is a set of empty pages and ready for you to make it into whatever you want it to be. It can be your to-do lists, your collections, your notebook, your diary; or most probably all of the above.

Generally, a notebook with dotted lines is used for a bullet journal, but since I didn’t find one in my local stationary shop, I made peace with the one with lines. There are no restrictions for this type of journal, because it is encouraged to customize it to your preferences. This brings me to the difference between a Bullet Journal and a Planner. A planner is made for you; it has to-do lists, to-buy lists, calendars, etc. It has everything built in. However, a bullet journal doesn’t constrict you. It gives you room to do things the way you want. And every month as you change the themes, it makes it so much more interesting and motivating to keep filling in the journal!

Below is my 2018 New Year Bullet Journal set up; this will be filled throughout the year (hopefully).


One of the most important pages of your Bullet Journal would be your index. No one likes to flip through the whole journal to find a single page. Number the pages as you go along or it will get hectic in the end.

Word of the Year1514128495004-275134173.jpg

Word of the Year is supposed to set the mood for the year. This year I went for the word, ‘Gratitude’ because I am blessed and I need to realize that to lead a happy and positive life. This page didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to; the rest is okay, I just don’t like the way the font of the actual word (Gratitude) turned out.

Year at a Glance1514128673175186487391.jpg

In the coming few pages we have the whole calendar set up with a side bar for all the holidays and birthdays. I have incorporated Islamic Calendar with it so that I have an idea of the whole month or the year as soon as I take a glance at this page.


In this page I would write all the appointments of my clients for makeovers.

Future Log15141285896081917254241.jpg

All the events go in the future log, so that at one glance I can see what I have coming in the future. It is not very specified. So for example, if my cousin is getting married in July. I would just write, “Someone’s Wedding.” This way I would know how much time I have till that day, along with all the other events that are coming up.

Resolutions and Goals1514128623356-822851860.jpg

It is always nice to check off goals throughout the year, and so motivating to actually work for it for the reward of that little “check”.

Workout Overview1514128699428-270100874.jpg

My favorite layout so far! It is the yearly overview for my workout schedule to keep me MOTI-weighted, or motivated if you may.

Period and Savings Tracker 1514128736110325823424.jpg

Periods tracker is pretty self explanatory. I will color in all the days that I had my periods and consequently be able to know when it’s due.
Savings Tracker is to keep a track of what I want to save up for through out the year. For a single item, I have made blocks for each savings, so if I saved up 2000, I will color one block, and so on. More items will be added throughout the year to keep in check what I want to save up for. Currently adding one item for course books!

Travel Diaries and Entertainment Tracker1514128761902-1625970283.jpg

I love this spread. On one side we have the Travel Diaries to write the places I visit this year. I would write a certain quote or moment to keep it in the memory.
On the right page, I have my entertainment tracker for all the movies I watch, TV shows I finish and books I read with ratings and the date I finished them.

Profession Milestones and 2018 Memory Bank15141287965712111997097.jpg

This spread I am most excited to fill up! Profession milestones, i.e, all the success I achieve in my beauty career as a makeup artist and blogger, and Memory Bank for all the good memories I make throughout the year!

If you would like to see my January set up and a Plan With Me post, then make sure to LIKE this post, and comment below with your favorite page. Do you think Bullet Journal is a better option as compared to a planner? How do you keep your life organised?

Munazza Bangash

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9 thoughts on “My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up – How I Organize my Life | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

  1. I really want start getting better at taking notes. I often forget about stuff, or need to write down notes for any future blogposts or to keep track of different things. I do sometimes write things on my phone, but I’m bit more old school and like to have things written on paper. I need to get a fancy notebook first hahah 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, any notebook would do! I got this one for 180 PKR (1.6 US dollars) only. And it works great. I didn’t get the one with dotted pages and I wish I had, but this one works fine as well.


  2. Last year I tried bullet journaling but it was a major fail for me. Whenever I used to open the journal to fill it up K used to feel that I am wasting time one it. Anxiety used to kick in and I used to close the journal and start working more instead “:D.
    But this post is so well written I am intrigued to give it one more try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. Everyone is different in terms of what works for them in order to keep their life organized. I have always been a fan of to-do lists. I am all over the place and uninspired and unmotivated if I don’t have the things I need done written down somewhere. I found the idea of Bullet Journalings appealing, especially for the fact that it would keep all of the aspects of my life in one place, cause honestly, ten to-do lists were getting a bit out of hand. 😀


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