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My Affordable Skin Care Routine 2017 | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Assalam o alaikum!

Why do I always feel like I’m making a Youtube video when I start a new blog post? Everytime I start, there is a voice in my head screaming “Hi Guys! What’s up?” Or “Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel!” Or sometimes “Wudup everyone, it’s your girlllll…!” (Alright, we get it, Mona. Moving on!)

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Today, we’re talking about skin care! I would like to put this out there that I am, by no means, an expert skin care guru or a dermatologist. I am basically a make up artist; and the following is my own skin care routine. The things that work for me might not work for everyone because every skin has different needs; so please keep that in mind. However, I am here to give all my beautiful ladies (and men) out there some affordable recommendations when it comes to skin care. Also, these products made a difference in my skin condition which wasn’t too critical to begin with, so if you have any skin problems; please consult a good dermatologist and take care of your diet.

My skin is Normal to slightly dry. Make sure to adjust accordingly.

Let’s start off with talking about all the products that I generally use. Sometimes, I would use a different product to test it out. However, the products mentioned are my tried and tested, and they work best for me. After that, I will share with you guys my morning routine, night time routine and my weekly skin care routine. So hold tight, and here we go!


Skin Care Products I Love

Here are the products that I use and swear by. These are all very affordable, and have brought significant difference in my skin condition.

1. Cleansers


*YC Face Wash (Milk Extract): This is my ride or die affordable face wash. It has suited my skin condition and I see difference every time I use it. If you don’t like the squeaky clean feeling skin, then you would not like this product. It does dry the skin up, but it makes me feel like my skin is actually getting what it needs when it comes to cleaning it.

*Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water: I actually enjoy using this product because it removes my makeup effectively. I have seen many mixed reviews about this product; however, I love using this almost everyday, especially when I wear makeup.

2. Moisturizers


*Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Cream: This is my favorite moisturizer for everyday use when I stay at home, especially at night before I go to sleep. This is very moisturizing and might not be suitable for Summers. But for Winters, this is a holy grail product that will change your lives. This is affordable and works like a dream.

*Olay Natural White Day Cream: This is a day cream, so obviously not as moisturizing as the Himalaya one. However, this is perfect for the no makeup days when I go out, because just a little bit of this makes the skin look glow-y and healthy. A huge plus is that this contains SPF.

*Vaseline Intensive Care: Vaseline has some of the best body moisturizers out there. My favorite one is Chocolate because it is so moisturizing and rich, that I feel pampered instantly. A few days ago I got Vaseline Intensive Care, and I am in love. Expect a review soon, InshaAllah.

*Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: For me, no lip balm comes close to what Vaseline does to my lips. There is nothing like a good set of lips that are taken care of by Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

3. Occasional Preps


*Odeon Face & Body Scrub: My brother always gets this for me from Dubai. Because it is so affordable and such good product; I never rely on any other scrubs. It leaves my skin soft and supple; and it’s overall just a good product.

*YC Facial Herbal Mud Mask: This is my ride or die mask for all those days when my skin feels dull. This instantly lifts my skin, makes it look alive, and overall make me feel better about my skin.

*YC Gold Caviar Peel Off Mask: You must always own a peel off mask. This one is of reasonable price and produces great results. It removes the dead skin and I love to use this to prep my skin before a full face of makeup. I also love to use this on my brides before I get to their makeup, because it ensures the application of flawless base.

4. Others


*Vince Skin Care (Sunblock) SPF 50: Summer or Winter, your skin needs a good sunblock. Not just to avoid the tan, but great amounts of exposure to the sun can speed up the aging process for your skin. “I want to be the first in my friends to have wrinkles,” said no one ever.

*Saeed Ghani Rose Water: I am sure you guys have understood that I like classic and natural products more than expensive and luxury ones. Rose Water is my absolute favorite when it comes to toning the skin. It leaves my skin looking healthy and fresh.

Morning Skin Care Routine:

In mornings I love to cleanse my skin thoroughly with YC face wash. After drying my face with some tissues, I like to spritz rose water all over my skin and let it dry naturally. Once that it done, I use Olay Day Cream, and moisturize my lips with some Vaseline. This makes me look put together and fresh right from the start of the day.

In Winters, body moisturizer is a must, but in Summers, that step is usually left out (which shouldn’t be).

Night Time Skin Care Routine:

Before going to sleep, I take my time in really cleansing my face with the same face wash, spritz some rose water and apply Vaseline lip balm. The only thing I do different is that I slather on Himalaya Intensive Moisturizer as my night cream, especially under my eyes. I moisturize my body with Vaseline body moisturizers and call it day.

Weekly Skin Care Routine:

Extra steps though out the week are necessary for the progress in having better skin. I like to use exfoliator every other day, and pamper my skin with face masks twice a week. Especially when there is a special occasion for which I would need a lot of makeup done, I use a peel off mask and it ensures a beautiful base.

When I take my makeup off at the end of the day, I like to use some Garnier Micellar water all over my skin, especially the eyes. Then I go ahead and thoroughly cleanse my face with my foaming face wash. After that, I take some Micellar water again and remove any of the left over makeup on my skin. For ending touches, I spritz some rose water on the face and moisturize my face and lips, and I’m done.

When I go out without makeup, I slather on my sunblock mixed with a moisturizer, instead of layering it.

And like that, I keep my skincare routine relatively simpler than most, because if your skin doesn’t need something, don’t use it.

That’s about it for today. Make sure to drop in your favorite skin care products and let me know which product is your ride or die. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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