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22 Things I Learned as I Turned 22 | MUNAZZA BANGASH

I can’t believe I’m doing this post again! Has it really been a year? Time truly seems to fly so fast, it’s giving me a whiplash. This year I am so grateful for everything that I have, because what I am today is what I have worked on for so long. Yes, I have a long way ahead to go, but I am starting to feel proud of what I have become; because it took struggle and hustle, and a lot of mood swings.

So, here are the 22 things that I learned as I turned 22!

1. You are not always right. I have stressed this so many times, and I can’t stress it enough, but we should really start focusing on the actual context when it comes to a conversation or an argument, instead of trying to come up with witty comebacks and replies. We should understand everyone’s point of view and check ourselves whether we are right or not.

2. Listen more; speak less. You will learn more, and make less mistakes.

3. If it hurts you, it will teach you; welcome the pain with open arms. This quality of being thankful will make you strong in the times of hardships and make you see good things in a seemingly undesirable situations.

4. Rejoice; it’s the little things that matter. Waiting for happiness can be the worst mistake of your life. Be a kid; celebrate all the little events.

5. Your mother is your prized possession. Nothing would ever even compare to what place she holds in your life.

6. There is no place for ego in a relationship. In order to save relationships you need to sometimes bow down.

7. Letting it all out will only increase the aggression. When angry, keep quiet; discuss it when you’ve cooled down.

8. Every minute counts. Taking a break and taking rest is needed; but that doesn’t count as your time being wasted. When you have things to do and instead of getting them done, you “take a break” then you’re just running away.

9. Instead of surviving; try conquering. Don’t leave things for the last-minute, do them with all your attention and creativity that you become the best at what you do.

10. Do one thing at a time. When you focus all of your valuable attention at only one thing at a given time, you make it the best version of itself.

11. Relationships need work. You can not expect the other person to tolerate you while you throw tantrums at them.

12. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

13. Positivity attracts happiness.

14. Being patient is always the best option when it comes to saving relationships.

15. Disrespecting elders doesn’t make you look cool.

16. When you’re leading, be the best version of a leader. But when you’re not leading, stop poking your damn nose in the leader’s business. Learn to follow.

17. Men and women are different. No matter how hard women try to be like men; they can’t. Men have their own potentials, and women have their own. Both can do each other’s jobs efficiently, but there is no competition.

18. Accept yourself. Be unapologetic. Take care of yourself, yes, but never apologize for not wearing makeup or not acting like a lady. You do you.

19. Don’t judge. Accept that nobody is equal, however, everyone deserves justice.

20. Don’t use phone before going to sleep. Reading is a much more suitable and healthy habit. Don’t use phone in gatherings; live in the moment.

21. Acquire habits that you would want in your children.

22. Keep your standards high, by actually being at the highest standard.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m sorry for being MIA. I have exams starting so I would be more off than on.

Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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