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Halloween Diaries: Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas – Spider & Vampire | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Assalam o alaikum! What’s up, everyone? Hope you’re having a blast this Halloween. I know how late I am to be posting this Last Minute Look Post, but honestly, so many assignments are due and it’s just getting hectic with all the additional religious activities this month, so I apologize for the Last Minute Makeup Ideas to be posted such last minute. (See what I did there?)

All right, so without further ado, let’s see what we can do with our lazy selves this Halloween, and what last minute looks we can come up with!

It’s a Spider Coming Out of my Eye Kinda Day!

This is a pretty basic (yet exciting), easy to do (but needs a steady hand), and scary (yet sexy) look! I absolutely loved doing this makeup and although it was intimidating at first, I realized how easy it was to do if you’re good with winged liner and have a steady hand. I think, the look I did came out a bit messy but it can be perfected with practice; but that’s just being a perfectionist. Just go with the flow and everyone will love the look.

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Base: Keep it simple and minimalist. Add some cool-toned (Maybe; Lavender or a taupe-y shade) highlighter to the high points of your cheeks and extend it to you brow bone and forehead to give your skin that ethereal glow! Do your brows as per usual.
  2. A nicely (and a bit extended than usual) blown our smokey eye. Make sure it is beautifully blended or else it will look messy. Add an intense inner corner highlight.
  3. Next step is to draw the lines. Don’t overthink it; just keep in mind the actual shape of the legs and that they are eight in number.
  4. Next step is to add a white liner inside the legs where the bend is. This will give it a 3D look.
  5. Next step is to add the shadow. For this you will need a taupe-y grey or brown shade. You want it to be really light and not so prominent and only then will it give the look of a shadow, and give the overall look a 3D effect.
  6. Additional Step: Add small little spiders around the eye.

How to Pull This Off

Pair it with a black lipstick or just some highlighter all over the lips so that all the focus is on the eyes. You don’t need to contour your face because the legs will cover that area anyway. (You can lightly contour before drawing the legs.)

Wear any spider related outfit with this, but if you don’t own anything that specific, a simple black dress would look absolutely gorgeous with this; make sure you pair it with black heels (preferrably “caged” ones).

For jewelry, you can again go with something Spider related, but any edgy jewelry would look nice. Add a black choker to the neck or some metallic loops and rings would also look stunning.

Not Just Vamp-y; Straight Up Vampire!

I love how this look turned out. I wanted to look dead, sexy and vamp-y all at the same time. For the dead part, I added the bags under my eyes along with the veins; for the sexy part I added a blackout smokey eyes; for the vamp-y part, I added a winged liner! This is an easy to do look yet it looks amazing, so it’s perfect if you do it last minute or make it the main plan.

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Base just as the previous one, but make it paler. Add grey contours and silver highlight.
  2. The black out smokey eye doesn’t need to be perfect for this look. Be messy, bring down the mauve-y crease shade to create bags, and black to add depth.
  3. Use blues, purples and reds to create veins. Use a wet liner brush for perfection precision.
  4. Use black liner to add a sharp wing.
  5. Additional touch; draw the bat tattoo with your black liner.

How to Pull This Off

You can pair this eye look with a red lipstick, for a glam overall look, or some skin colored nude if you want to look creepier.

A red velvet, royal blue or royal purple maxi dress would look absolutely stunning, which some edgy heels.

That’s it for today! I really hope you enjoyed today’s post, because I actually worked really hard on it; juggling so many parts of my life at the moment, trying not to lose balance, gasping for air.

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Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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