Halloween Diaries – Top 3 Halloween Tutorials by Chrisspy | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Assalam o alaikum! Welcome back to another installment of the Halloween Diaries.

Today we talk about Chrisspy; the ever famous beauty guru known for her transformations and creative makeup looks. Do you know many of our beloved beauty gurus are inspired by her when doing a halloween look? She makes everything look so easy! Especially the skull.

Okay, Chrisspy, we know you have super powers. Duh!

So this Halloween, here are my top 3 picks from Chrisspy’s ever amazing makeup looks.

1. Easy Skull

I love this look because you can wear absolutely any casual dress with this and be able to pull this off perfectly. Chrisspy made this so easy to do and “user-friendly” that almost anyone would be able to pull of a skull look this Halloween. I especially love the contour; it looks very real and creepy. The teeth are mere lines that anyone can do and it still looks absolutely bomb (and creepy).

2. Gangster Clown

This is a creative and chic look if you wanna look good and creepy at the same time this Halloween. It’s all about the details. Everything aside, though, I absolutely love the lips.

3. Werewolf makeup

Hello, creepy hottie! I would say that this is the perfect, classic Halloween look. Everybody ends up being a cat in the end, but you can stand out in the group if you can pull this look off. The only secret to this is pulling your skin up high. Edgy and creepy; I love this!

And that’s it for today! Which of the presented looks by Chrisspy are your favorite? I love the Easy Skull, what about you?

Who do you want to see next?

Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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