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Assalam o alaikum, and welcome to another installment of Top 3 Halloween Looks by Beauty Gurus. Today we talk about our most favorite; Nikkie Tutorials.

Nikkie is one of my most favorite makeup artists and beauty gurus to follow all time of the year. She inspires me to the core with her amazing makeup tutorials and especially with her chilled, funny videos. I love her sense of humour more than anything. I think she is one of the most dedicated and talented beauty gurus out there.

Today, I share with you my top 3 picks from her Halloween makeup tutorials. Last night I shared top 3 picks from Desi Perkin. Check it out!

1. Demon – Pulled Up Skin

This is such a creative look, it blows my mind. So much talent it takes to create such a look, but how stunning would it really look if you get it done the way she did? I especially love the pulled up skin effect. If demon is hard to do, you can do skull, zombie, death eater (just make everything black), and what not. I love this.

2. Black and White Film Noir

This tutorial is easy to follow and very effective. How cool would it look to enter a Halloween party full of colorful costumes and creative makeup, dressed up all in black and white? This makeup look wasn’t Halloween exclusive but I loved the idea, and so it landed in this list.

3. Vampire Princess

That eye look though! This whole look wouldn’t be so amazing if the eye makeup is removed (duh). This is a very chic look for someone who likes to look sexy and pretty on Halloween. I plan on recreating the eye look for instagram. What about you?

That’s it for today! Check out the look I did for Halloween this year.

Also, what do guys think about this series? Which is your favorite look of the three mentioned today? Also, who would you like me to feature tomorrow?

Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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