Halloween Diaries – Top 3 Halloween Tutorials by Desi Perkins | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Halloween is around the corner, and to all those who celebrate, this means that now is the time to decide and practice the look you’re going to wear. I know many of you makeup lovers love this occasion because it lets your creativity flow. But generating new ideas and actually being able to execute them when it comes to Halloween makeup; it’s quite a task. So here I am to share with you some of the tutorials that I found inspiring and easy to follow!

I want to do this back to back for a few days dedicating each post to different beauty gurus. Opinions?

Following are the links to Halloween Related tutorials from Youtube created by our most talented Desi Perkins!

Disclaimer: I own no content except the written words about the videos presented below.

One. Melting Skull



This is the one Halloween look that I have been wanting to do for quite some time but never got around to doing it. I would need Flesh gel for this (and a lot of talent) which I don’t have, so this is pending. This Halloween I did one look only, but for next year I have a lot of ideas I want to execute; and this is one of them.

Two. Ice Cream Girl



This is, hands down, the cutest most chic Halloween look from Desi Perkins ever. I find this look very girly and pretty; plus very easy to do. She looks very fashionable, and the fact that she has put in so many efforts into the production of this video is super inspiring.

Three. Lion Makeup



Chic, scary and creative; I love this look. The fact that you can achieve such amazing looks with just some makeup is so cool. This look is easy to do and looks really good. I plan on doing this makeup on someone this Halloween just for the love of it. Yay or nay?

That’s about it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that features another beauty guru. Drop your suggestions below about the makeup gurus you love for Halloween tutorials! Also, which of these three is your favorite?

Have you checked out the look I did for this Halloween yet? A step by step tutorial is up on this blog! Pop Art Halloween Makeup.

Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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