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Halloween Diaries – Pop Art Makeup Look: Step by Step Instructions & Tips! | THE HALL OF BEAUTY

Welcome to the Hall of Beauty! This is the first post under the Halloween Diaries: If you have any suggestions, make sure to use the comment section below! I love reading your comments.

Halloween is around the corner and whether you celebrate it or not, you know it contains never-ending fun for people of every age group. It’s a great opportunity for us makeup artists and makeup lovers to unleash our creative animals and let the colors flow on the skin. Be it peer pressure or a way to express myself (or maybe I just really wanted to do this), I finally gave a whirl to the Pop Art Halloween Look that I have been planning to do every year.

Here is a step by step tutorial to achieve this look with ease (don’t miss out the tips towards the end of the post)! I wish you all the very best, and don’t forget to share your creations with me.

Pop Art Makeup | Makeovers by Munazza Bangash

Pop Art Halloween Look

Step 1. Create the base. For this look, you need your base to be completely matte. Any shine will ruin the look. Also, you need an even base, and a high coverage foundation.

Step 2. Eye Makeup. Do a matte eye look that is simple, yet defines the features. Don’t let it be too dark or else it will look messy.

Step 3. Grab your pen liner! This look is all about strokes and black liner. Draw on the eyebrows really dark, make sure the edges are smooth. A stroke to create the crease, several more for huge lashes along with the wing, and some inner corner liner. To create dimension yet make it look like a cartoon; draw a straight line down one side of the nose, a wrinkle going up the forehead, along with chiseled cheeks and a defined jaw line.

Step 4. Use white paint or makeup to draw dots towards the outer parameters of the face. You can also draw small dots on the whole face which will give more of a comic book effect.

Step 5. Lips. Outline the lips with the black liner. Fill it in with red liquid lipstick and blend it in a little with the outline. Draw stroke of lip wrinkles. Add white paint to one side in order to fake “glossy” lips.

Pop Art Makeup | Makeovers by Munazza Bangash


  • Don’t forget the neck. Add strokes where needed.
  • Make sure the strokes are confident. It’s just makeup; you can always erase your mistakes and start fresh. Don’t panic.
  • Don’t use dark colors on the eyes. Keep it simple.
  • (I made this mistake.) Make sure the direction of the stroke on the forehead is comgruent with the direction of the stroke on the nose.
  • You can add tears as well. I used glitter for that (which looked bomb!)
  • Add some of your personality into your creation. Doing it just as the other person is easy. Stand out by adding your touch (as I added glitter to the tears).
  • You’re creating a cartoon, so don’t be afraid of the strokes being too dark. It should be clear, vibrant and done using basic colors.
  • Adding falsies is a preference. I found no need.

Pop Art Makeup | Makeovers by Munazza Bangash
And that’s about it for today!
Till next time.
Munazza Bangash!

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