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Beauty Essentials Mini Haul | the Hall of Beauty

Assalam o alaikum, beautiful! I am Munazza Bangash and welcome to the Hall of Beauty. I hope your day is filled with happiness, blessings and positivity.

I have been very busy with Mauharram. Religious gatherings and personal commitments have taken up most of my time and energy for quite some time now; hence, the reason for being so late to update the blog.

However, today we have an essentials haul with us. These are the things I ran out of and had to run and buy. Since, most of you want to know about skin care and other beauty ride or dies; I thought we can take a short break from makeup, and focus on some “beauty groceries”!

One: Lashes! I am a firm believer of falsies because they can make you look glam instantly. My favorite pair lashes for party makeovers are the local ones by Artmatic. Here I have a stock for my coming clients and for myself, because honestly; these are the lashes I can’t live without, plus they are very affordable.

Two: Wax and Strips! As much as I love going to the parlor and have someone tear at my skin, I don’t always get the time or money to do that. I like to self-help and do the honors myself. Trust me, it saves up a lot of time and money; but you’ve got to put in the effort!

Three: Smell nice and I’m all yours! Honestly, I hate it when I smell bad; who doesn’t? No matter how attractive a person is, if they smell bad; they’re never going to be attractive enough. So here is a deodorant and some body-spray.

Four: Skin and Body care! Here I have some repurchases; YC Whitening Face Wash in Milk Extract, YC Whitening Facial Herbal Mud Mask, and Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash.

Five: A pack of brushes by Real Techniques. I got this from Chase Up and am absolutely loving the way they work. I have a feeling it’s a fake, and I have been mistaken. However, I love using these brushes, especially the tapered one for highlighting my cheek bones.

And that’s about it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post. If you did, make sure to “like” and “comment” and stay tuned for the next one! See you soon ❤

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