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Broke AF #2 – The most Affordable Highlighter, is it? | The Hall of Beauty

Okay, let’s face it. Each and every one of us has complained at least once in our lifetime about how ridiculously priced all the highlighters are. They are bomb; yes. They are an absolute necessity to the makeup routine; yes. Can we afford it; nope. There are cheaper highlighters out there but most of them are not that great when it comes to the quality. But trust me, even the cheaper highlighters are up there in the price, and most of us don’t feel the need to spend so much money on a single makeup product.

Well, fikar not. Broke AF is a series for peeps like you and I, who would like some mercy on their pockets, and good quality products in their hands.

Since long, a lot of people have been using glitter and shimmers on their cheeks in the name of a highlight. Everybody knows how horrible that turns out. But all that mindlessness gives us an idea. Eyeshadows can be used as highlighters! Mind=blown. Okay, okay, people have done it before. It’s not my idea, I know. Whatever! (If you are new to this, then pshh, it’s totally my idea!)

Eyeshadows can be tricky to work with, however. Some are chunky, some are powdery, and some are shimmery. We need a nice sheen that doesn’t exaggerate the pores. Since we all face the difficulty of choosing the type of shadow for our highlight, I am here today to talk about an eyeshadow that is extremely affordable and doubles as a highlighter like a pro (especially for brow bone and inner corner of the eyes.)

It’s Makeup Revolution Mono Baked Eyeshadow in Base! It’s my absolute ride or die for the inner corners and brow bone highlight. But if you have fair skin tone; it is going to look absolutely stunning on the high points of the cheeks. Previously, I have reviewed many of the mono baked eyeshadows by Makeup Revolution and this one was included in the lot.

Another eyeshadow from the same range is Heavenly. It is a bit more shimmery than Base but is so stunning on the face. And you do not need to be completely fair to rock this as a highlighter. Following are some of the pictures from my previous post. In two of the pictures, Base is swatched on my index finger and Heavenly is swatched in the other two pictures on my ring finger.

These retail for Rs. 225 each and are easily available at Define in Lucky One Mall, and also on

What is the most affordable highlighter you have used so far? Comment below.

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