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It’s Okay to Pause – Time Management | Munazza Bangash

I take a lot of breaks. I know.

Personal commitments, boundaries and problems can convince us into going in survival mode instead of conquering mode (as Lilly Singh likes to call it). We tend to just get things done as if it’s a useless responsibility that needs to be off our shoulders as quick as possible. We even stop enjoying the things that we used to love once. In my case, I stop doing it all if I can’t put my heart into it. I take a break. And then I have start from square one. Starting it all again is harder than before…every single time.

Recently I took a 3 weeks break. I was on a vacation with my family, and had the time of my life in Hangu (small video below of my Grandma’s beautiful house there). I never wanted to come back to the busy life of Karachi. But I did, and it took me a week to get back on track. I felt no motivation, whatsoever. But I learned a lot in those days. I learned that there is no need to keep talking about things in hopes of getting them done. We need to hustle hard if we want to succeed.

Lilly Singh has inspired me so much and motivated me immensely towards my goals, and I am thankful to her for everything that she puts out for people through her vlogs and her book. One thing that she can’t shut her mouth about is time management. In her book, How to be a Bawse, she said that people often asked her if she even slept. And we wonder, too. How does she get so many tasks done in a day? The first thing is that she loves what she does, and the second thing is time management. She gives herself rewards and breaks, and keeps a certain set of tasks that she needs to get done by a specific time. I think I need to implement this more into my life.

I want a lot from my life. I want to be a successful makeup artist, a well-known blogger, and a well-loved novelist. Furthermore, I want to be a good person, and really good at interpersonal relationship; and that takes time and effort. I would also like to give some time to myself. So how would I manage all this, when I have so much studying to do as well, and tuition to give (’cause your girl gotta survive), along with religious efforts to make? Well, all I know so far is that I need to manage my time efficiently.

Here is a plan I would like executed; 6 AM to 6 PM: hustle hard – I would study, give tuition, do makeup related tasks (blog, youtube, social media), etc. After Maghrib I would like to shut down. I wouldn’t stress about my studies, my work or anything profession related. I would spend time with my family, and just relax.

And I would take Sundays completely off.

Giving yourself a break and pausing every now and then is okay… but remember, success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. This is the mantra I keep repeating. And in all honesty, I need this implemented into my existence.

Munazza Bangash

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