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3 Makeup Essentials for When I’m Stranded on a Deserted Island | The Hall of Beauty

That same old question every other interviewer asks; If you were stuck on a deserted island, what makeup products would you take? If I was stuck on an island with no one with me, the first thing I would worry about is food; because food before all. Then I would miss my family and loved ones, and ball my eyes out. Then I would worry if I’m wearing any clothes or not; if I’m cold, or safe, and everything in those lines. I wouldn’t be the psycho who, first of all, will go to a place packing makeup for getting stranded. And although, I love makeup, would I eat the Carmine from my Ruby Woo when I get hungry, and drink my All Nighter when I get thirsty?

I see no point.

Am I thinking about this too much? Probably.

To all the girls who love asking this question, I am here to answer it once and for all. You should know that if you ever ask me again, I will reply in the Siri voice saying, “Refer to this blog post.”

Enough of my usual fooling around. Here are three makeup essentials that I would take with me to a deserted island (and I will live off these items for the rest of my life. What?)


If I got 10 rupees every time I said glow, I would have still been broke af because mere hath mein kahan paisay tik’te hain?

The one thing that I absolutely love in makeup is a radiant glow. I like the overall matte looks on certain occasions, but the oomph that a highlighter adds to a makeup look is beyond perfect. So yes, if I can’t eat, sleep, or even survive, I can at least glow a goddess.

Img Souce:

Some of my most favorite highlighters that I own include, Mary Lou-Manizer, J. Terracotta Powder, and Odbo Cookie Blusher.


Surprise Surprise! *Not really*

Since my lower lip is a little bigger than my upper lip, I have to have something on my lips (even if I am stuck on a deserted island). In all honesty, lipstick is instant glam, and I can’t live without a good nude lip color.

Img Souce:

There are a lot I would take with me from my own collection, but I am sure if I owned Jeffery Star’s Gemini Liquid Lipstick, nothing would come even close in competition to it.


I kind of like the way my eyes look *Trying to avoid sounding Narcissistic.* However, I have very tiny lashes, but it’s nothing a little mascara can’t fix. So it’s safe to say that I can’t live without a mascara, because if I don’t have it on, I look like a panda without the black around its eyes.

Img Souce:

By the way, do you call it Mascaara or Maascayra? I call it Mascaara!

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I would like to tag Umaima Mehtab, Jadirah Sarmad, Maleeha Jawaid, and Farah Zaki. I want to make this (kind of) a challenge in our blogging community. Same question goes to you: What three makeup essentials would you take if you were stuck on a deserted island? Write your posts and tag your fellow bloggers! Can’t wait to see all the posts. ❤

Till next time!
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