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The Ultimate Skin Care Package ft. Nida Jamal | The Hall of Beauty

Assalam u alaikum to all the beautiful ladies out there reading this.

Are you tired of dull, rough and pigmented skin? Are you tired of using various products on your skin, but end up getting zero results? Are you sick and tired of investing in super expensive medicines for your skin? Are their side effects worrying the hell out of you? Well, guess what? I’ve been in that exact same spot for 9 years. Yes, you read that right; nine freaking long years. I hated my skin so much that I would avoid going to weddings, birthdays or even shopping trips, for that matter. My self-confidence was zero, and I would prefer not looking in the mirror unnecessarily.

A while ago I happened to try out a few things, and after a lot of trial and error, I’ve come up with the perfect skin care package which is very affordable and does wonders to the skin.

1) DIET:

Ever since I’ve gained consciousness, I remember eating junk food, especially chips of all sorts (mainly spicy ones). I cannot live without chaat masala, and chugging soft drinks is equal to water for me. When I became sick and tired of my skin, I thought of giving this a try. I was super confident that this is a myth, but I was wrong. For 2 months I tried cutting down on all sorts of junk food and the results were super obvious. And there I had my mum with the “I TOLD YOU SO” look on her face.


To my surprise, when I started to make note of my daily water intake it never crossed 5-6 glasses a day, which is hazardous for your health. I consciously increased my water intake dramatically. Bought a super huge thermos for university, would keep a jug of water with me while using the laptop at night, bought water bottles during my shopping trips instead of soft drinks, and slowly felt like my skin was loving it!

3) L’Oreal Paris CLAY MASKS:

My personal favourites are the Grey and Red ones. They clean your pores and even out your skin. All in all, they are bomb dot com!


Previously, I never took makeup removal seriously, not realizing that I left loads of it on my face, and would go to sleep with it. Throughout the night, it would sink into my pores causing a lot of acne and unevenness. Using this makeup remover has changed the game completely!


I always believed in the myth that sunblocks made the skin super oily and were no good. When I started using the sunblock by Pharmaceris I could notice that my skin is not tanning like before. I go to University of Karachi, so you can imagine the amount of sun exposure I have. It’s not even funny.


Use a nice face wash regularly. Make sure you clean your face thoroughly after coming from university or work. Make sure you include a nice toner and cleanser in your skin care bag, and treat your skin with lots and lots of care, because once your skin gets damaged, there is no going back!

7) Anti tanning and glowing mask

-2tbsp basin powder
-1/2 tsp haldi
-1 lemon
-Yogurt to turn it into a paste
-1 1/2 tsp honey


P.S, please remember; I’m a makeup artist and not a dermatologist. This is what has worked for me, and this does not mean it will also work for you. However, according to my knowledge this looks like a very natural plan which would have minimal side effects.

(I would like to point out that I have not been on any medication recently and the last time I visited a dermatologist was around a year ago!)

All right, guys! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did, please make sure to Like and leave a Comment!

We thank Nida Jamal for joining us. If you would like to reach her, click here!

Till next time!

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