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5 Factors that Keep Me Motivated (2017) | Munazza Bangash

There was a time I was extremely motivated towards the blog, the youtube channel, and everything in this field. And then I started lacking. I forgot about the channel, the makeup, the blog; just didn’t want to do this anymore. There was no point seen. And then out of no where I started blogging again. I promised myself that I would not lack again…and a month later; I lost all the motivation. And I kept hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. (If you heard Selena Gomez, we can be friends!)

It hit me just recently that I need something continuous to keep me motivated, for I am the kind of person who gets distracted easily. Knowing all well that this is the field that I enjoy and keep doing, even then I sometimes lose the motivation. So I found ways to keep me on track, and followed people who inspire me. So here are the five things that keep me motivated, no matter what!

1. Mental health: This is probably the biggest factor of all that I will mention in this post. I have suffered from exteme mood swings in the past (still do). I sometimes felt depressed to the point of commiting suicide, and sometimes felt so happy that I would jump around like a maniac. I would get angry at the silliest things. I still do. At times, I was unable to really focus on anything. It was all due to some personal issues. Because of this, my motivation for success would get lost in the train of my jumbled thoughts. I would question my descisions and choices, and most of the times I would stick to an alternative that seemed best at that time. The only difference now is that I realize that I have a problem, and the best thing is that I am working towards improving it. I try to keep myself happy and positive at all times, which is extremely hard for a relatively pessimistic person. But I have realized that the more I take care of myself and stay happy, the more I am motivated towards success and personal growth.

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2. Lilly Singh: Lilly Singh (Superwoman) is the person who has rejuivinated my spirit. I can not even begin to describe how inspired I am by this person. And it is not just because she is talented, funny or successful. I’m inspired by her because she promotes positivity and growth. The amount of effort she puts into her videos is apparent, and that’s what motivates me towards my goals as well. However, what inspires me the most is her daily vlogs. All the BTS we see and more than that, the amount of dedication we see in her everyday life towards her goals is what inspires me to towards mine.

3. Beauty Gurus and Their Success Stories: Beauty Gurus on Youtube such as Jaclyn Hill and Tati Westbrook really inspire me towards my aim. And again, it is not just because of their fame or success, it’s more because of their success stories. 

Jaclyn Hill, for example, inspire me so much especially when I recall how she has managed to build herself up from the scratch. If you really know her, you would be aware that there had been a time she didn’t have enough money to buy herself some lunch. And now John and Jaclyn are home owners and she has reached her dreams, and this really makes me believe that good things will happen. 

Img source: Google.com

Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) is one of my most favorite beauty gurus. She is such a hardworking lady. And as much as that motivates me towards my goals, what inspires me the most about her is her success story. She has done crappy jobs and struggled a lot in the past. But once she found what she was meant to do, she kept it up till date. And the best part is, that she still considers it her first priority to be able to upload five times a week, and I respect that a lot.

4. Pakistani Freelance MUA’s and Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers: I can not begin to describe how motivated I feel when I see all my fellow Pakistani sisters that are excelling in this field. I see so much hardwork behind everything they do, and I wish I could support them more than just a “like” and a “comment” because they deserve so much more! I am a firm believer in “Girl Love” and I will support all my fellow Pakistani bloggers, vloggers and Makeup Artists as much as I can. It’s not just because they are girls, Pakistanis, or in the beauty community, it’s because they are all extremely talented and hardworking, and they inspire me a lot.

Some of my most favorite Freelance Makeup Artists include; Kiran KhanAmna FarhadNida JamalPareesa Kehar, and Qirat baber. Their snap stories especially keeps me motivated towards my goals. Some of my favorite beauty bloggers include; Umaima MehtabMaleeha JawaidJadirah Sarmad, etc. And my favorite Youtubers are Anushae Says and Jadirah Sarmad. These are some of the talents of Pakistan that motivate me personally to grow in the beauty community and towards my goals.

5. Snapchat: Yes. Out of all the social media I have, Snapchat keeps me motivated the most (and Instagram). It’s not really the app itself, but it’s a strategy I have picked up from Superwoman vlogs. Every morning, I share “Mission of the day” on my Snapchat and the pressure is so real that I get upto 50% more work done! To be honest, this post wouldn’t have been posted if it wasn’t for the “mission”.

Bonus: I would have never been able to step in this field and excell in it (let alone trying to find ways to stay motivated) if it wasn’t for the support of my family. My mom and my brother are my cheerers. I love them to the core and will forever be thankful and respectful for all the support they have for me! ♡

So these were my ways to keep myself motivated towards my goals. What about you? I would love to see the strategies you use that motivate you towards your goals.

I wish all the success in the world to you. ♡

Munazza Bangash

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Instagram: /MunazzaBangash

Twitter: /munazza_bangash

Snapchat: /MunazzaBangash

6 thoughts on “5 Factors that Keep Me Motivated (2017) | Munazza Bangash

  1. You are such a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but more and more success in every field possible! Thank you so much for mentioning my name amongst such big influencers! I am absolutely touched and humbled!! Sending lots of positive vibes your way ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. And see that’s the thing that inspires me the most about you and everyone mentioned here. You guys are so positive and supporting instead of putting others down which is what most people in this industry do. So love that. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I strongly support girl love and I am so glad to read this post! It is amazing to see Pakistani bloggers appreciating each other! ❤ A lot of my own motivation comes from the amount of effort everyone else daily puts into their blogs and channel. Thank you so much for the shoutout! Love you. 🙂 x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are especially mentioned in this post because I see your snaps daily and I see the amount of hard work you put into your work. 7 days a week for the blog and 3 days a week for youtube is really hard work. But it’s worth it, isn’t it?


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