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Makeup at Chase Up!

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Hi guys! Hope you’re doing great. So recently I have been visiting Chase Up’s outlets a lot, and the first thing that I do when I enter is running straight to the make up aisle (no surprise there).

I have had sometimes great and sometimes absolutely horrible experiences with that place. I have bought my studio essentials from there, a lot of new makeup to try, and what not. So today I will discuss briefly about what I like and what I dislike about Chase Up and its makeup. I will also discuss some of my absolute ride or dies from that place (that are extremely affordable). 

The first thing that I absolutely hate about that place is their customer service at the makeup aisle. First; they have no knowledge about makeup whatsoever and if you try to correct them, they will laugh at you. Literally. One time, a cousin of mine wanted an affordable face powder. I asked the girl if they had something with yellow undertones. She looked at me as if I was crazy and said, “Wo to sirf pan cake me hota hai.” I was like yeah, but we need a face powder. She said, “Yellow tones to brand k powders me b nai hote.” By this time her expressions and attitude had made me mad. So I showed her Sweet Touch powders that are my absolute favorites. And she smiled at me (with attitude) and said, “See! Brand me b pink tones hi hotay hai. Is me b nai hai. Ye sirf pan cake me hote hain.” I was beyond pissed for I was clearly showing her the powder with yellow understones, and she was denying it like she had nothing better to do. Agh.

When it comes to makeup I despise the fact that they carry so many fake products. I’m not talking about the low budget brands they have, but there are legit copies of every other hyped up product. Due to that, it looks like we are standing in Sunday Bazaar, sorry to say. Even if we put the fact aside that these are copies, the quality is so bad, no one can even think of getting them. But people still do, hence the terrible makeup on aunties these days.

What I do like about that place is that Chase Up has makeup for everyone (kinda). You can get the most affordable makeup there that is really good, as well as find brands like L’Oreal, Sweet Touch, etc. I have gotten such a great deal on different products, some undiscovered items that are out of this world, and even some of my best purchases. It’s really the game of luck at Chase Up.

The one purchase that I madr two years ago and am still proud of is the Odbo Highlighter that I got for about Rs. 400. Nothing comes close to the beautiful highlight that it gives to the cheek bones. It can compete with some of the high brand highlighters, even with Champagne Pop! 

The second great product I discovered is the Seven Girl Mascarra. I have been through 4-5 tubes of that thing. It is the best mascarra out there, and that too for Rs. 120 only! What? It is mad waterproof, dries quickly, adds length and thickness to the natural lashes and looks stunning over all. I love it.

Another best thing I got from that place are some of the beauty blenders (only for rs. 80 or less). These are dupes for the original beauty blender and other blending sponges and oh my god, you guys, they are extremely soft, they get larger when wet, and they blend in makeup like a dream. They can compete with all the expensive sponges and I think they will win. I hoarded them.

Glitters. I found stunning glitter liners from Chase Up. They are by Baolishi and retail for more or less Rs. 100 only! They look absolutely stunning on the eyes, and I do not regret hoarding them.

Lip products. ‘Nuff said. Chase Up is a place where you can test your luck with some lip products. I always get my lip liners from there, because they have the best quality at best prices. Lip liners are for about Rs. 30, and jumbo lip pencils (as good as lipsticks) are for about Rs. 60. These are the cheapest you can get them. They also have liquid lipsticks and some of the best liquid lips I own I got from Chase Up.

That’s it for today! I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you did, make sure to like, comment and share! ♡♡♡

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