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Makeup by Amna Farhad – REVIEW (4 Days Makeup and Hair Masterclass) | Munazza Bangash

Assalam o alaikum! I attended the 4 days makeup and hair masterclass by Amna Farhad a month back, and here is the long awaited review.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t easily get impressed by someone’s makeup, especially Pakistani makeup artists working in parlours; they cake up the base, use excessive everything, and change the whole appearance. But in Pakistani society the makeup game changed with the arrival of Freelance Makeup Artists. They charge lesser, work harder, operate from home and are passionate about makeup. And among (now) many freelancers, some are my absolute favorites like, Qirat Baber, Kiran Khan, Pareesa Kehar, Nida Jamal and of course, Amna Farhad.

So when Amna announced on her snapchat that a four day makeup and hair masterclass for Rs. 20,000 was going to be held at her studio, I was very excited. I booked my seat as quickly as I could and payed 50% advance.

Img source: Makeup by Amna Farhad

Finding her place was the hardest task of it all. I wasn’t famililar with that area at all. (Can’t disclose the address since she operate from her home.) The day that I had to give 50% advance, I searched the whole area and finally after 20-30 minutes in that town, I finally reached my destination. The first time I saw Amna, she was busy with a client. She was pretty serious the whole time and I thought maybe she is more work oriented. But as my seat got booked and as I was about to leave she gave me the friendliest smile and I instantly felt comfortable. Oh, and the client she was dolling up looked absolutely stunning, and she wasn’t even completely ready.

Amna’s studio was pretty. It had a beautiful wallpaper that you’d be familiar with if you follow her snapchat. Hollywood Vanity for makeup, a huge mirror on the other wall for hairstyling. Overall, it was a well kept (and a well-lit) place. Her mother was such a sweetheart. My mom used to wait for me when I took the classes and she was never bored because Amna’s mom was very hospitable.

If I had one word to describe the classes, I would say, “Wow!” My god, the classes were absolute perfection. In the first two classes, Amna taught us makeup, keeping nothing hidden. She answered each and every question (welcomed them), talked in detail about every step in makeup, and while practicing, she gave each student her undivided attention. She mentioned products (highend, affordable, her favorites, best, worst, she mentioned it all), brushes, techniques, tips, etc.  The goody bag was given to all on the first day.

The third day was reserved for hair. There was a professional who came and taught us the essential techniques for getting any hairdo perfect. And the fourth day was the practice day. After the day was over, all of us took many pictures and we chatted for a long time. There was refreshment and certificates were given.

Alhamdolillah it all went great and I do not regret taking these classes. For all those who think four days are not enough, I would say that if you have as dedicated teacher as Amna Farhad four days are more than enough. I know, I have improved my makeup game, and I’m sure you will love her and her classes. Here is the look I created on my beautiful model after being certified.

Here is the goody bag! It had so many yummy things I can’t get over it. My absolute favorites in these are the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, Colorpop Lippie Stick, L’oreal Hair Spray, Bio Miracle Sheet Mask, Christine Makeup Brushes and Wet n Wild Crease Brush.

If you’re looking for makeup and hair classes at affordable price, try Amna Farhad; you wouldn’t regret it.

My ratings: 5/5

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