Previously on DP Beauty – July 2016 Update (Makeup looks, catch up, and more!)

Bring me my tea, take me to a spa, buy me some makeup.

Behind The Scenes:
I’m saving up some money to get my stuff in order and then I’ll promote the page, and with the plans I have, InshaAllah the makeover services will be a success soon.

About Those New Year Resolutions:
Fitness Goals = Don’t even look at me. Don’t even talk to me.
Beauty goals = I’m tanned as if I’ve been to hell.
DP Makeovers Plans = Well, you would know my pain if you had to manage two blogs, two pages, social media platforms, writing your book, and studying Psychology.
DP Beauty Blog Plans = For the month of July I scheduled all the posts in the first week of the month, and I have never had a better month in a long time. I had no worries, no tension. I could do all the other stuff which asked for the time I used to give to my blogs. It was a success, and I’m doing it for this month as well.


Favorite Beauty Product of the Month:
Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Bad Beauty Experience:
My face is all itchy. I have no idea what I’m allergic to among the vast makeup collection, and I can’t afford to throw them all either.

Featured Beauty Blogger:
This month’s featured blogger is the most beautiful Farah Zaki from Impatient Person blog! I met her in person a few days ago and found her to be very humble and sweet.

This Month at the Studio:





Catch Up:

Random Eid Haul!

I randomly picked a lot of the stuff. It includes metallic nail polishes, eye shadows, pigments, perfume, pins, gel liner, fake nails, lash glue, bangles, etc. So, these are the things I’ve bought.


I Heart Makeup – Goddess of Love (Highlighter) – Makeup Revolution (Review and Swatch)

“Triple Baked Obsession – by the lovely people in the I ♡ Makeup factory – made in a 3D Heart shape!
Highlighter – Pure Light, to capture everyone’s Heart.”


#QuickTip: How to Save Dried Gel Liner!

We all know how beautiful a gel liner can make a look, and we hold them very dear to our hearts. And it’s a real pain when they dry up, because then the liner just doesn’t look awesome and ruins the whole look, no matter how much water you apply to it.


Interview With a Makeup Artist – Anila Ali

Through this series on the blog, I have met some of the sweetest and most talented persons in Pakistan. And so,  today with us we have Anila Ali!


Blackout Smokey Eye and Red Pout (Makeup Look) – Product Breakdown

I did this look on my client for her brother’s Valima. Here is the product breakdown for you if you want the look!

What do you guys think? Any suggestions. Please make sure to leave your comments below, because they always make me smile.
You can check out last month’s Update here.

Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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