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Random Eid Haul!

What the hell is that?

Recently I visited Chase Up and KDA market because I had gotten my monthly pocket money. If you know me, you know that if I have money, I have to spend it one way or another. So, what’s better than to go get me some beauty products?

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the haul. By the way, I’m listening to “Idhar Zindagi ka Janaza Uthega” by Attauallah Khan! L.O.V.E! The poetry is beyond beautiful. I absolutely love it. Just throwing it out there.

Moving on!

The unattractive picture taken of the complete haul.

I randomly picked a lot of the stuff. It includes metallic nail polishes, eye shadows, pigments, perfume, pins, gel liner, fake nails, lash glue, bangles, etc.

We actually got back from shopping by 12 AM and I took the pics without even changing into something comfortable, that too from my ipad mini. So, please ignore that the pics are not of highest quality.

So, these are the things I’ve bought.

Things no one is interested to see; so, getting it out of the way.
  • I got some gold bangles for my Eid dress.
  • Some bobby pins and striaght scarf pins (because I run out of them very quickly).
  • Chase up eye lashes adhesive – Dark tone + Clear White
  • X & D Fancy Nail Art (Fake Nails)

Don’t know why I pictured these two together.
  • Saeed Ghani’s Rose Water
  • Shalis Body Spray for Women

It was a pure coincidence that I grabbed same shades of both categories.
  • Dierli Nail Polish (Yellow)
  • Sinful Colors Professional (Purple Heart)
  • B.B.D Nail Polishes – 027 + 040
  • Loose Glitter Pigments

Now this is the picture that makes me wanna drool on my keyboard.
  • Maybelline 24H Waterproof Gel Liner
  • Shimona Oil Control Compact Powder
  • Meis single eye shadow (08)
  • Seven Girl The colossal Liquid Eye Liner
  • Baolishi Glitter Eye Liner (B660)
  • Baolishi Eye Color Cream 11
  • Glamorous Face USA Jumbo Lip Pencil (GF7824)
  • Becute Soft Lip Liner Pencil (Gold)
  • Glam Baked Eye Shadow (06)

Thoughts? What would you like me to review? 🙂

Thanks for hanging out with me. Till next time! ❤

Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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