Previously on DP Beauty – June 2016 Update (Makeup looks, catch up, and more!)

Only I know how I managed to post 6 times this month! It was Ramadan, don’t judge me.

Behind The Scenes:
Due to Ramadan I wasn’t as active on my page and the social media, and so I haven’t been getting many bookings. It’s actually okay, I’m getting more time to practice. I was thinking of doing a makeup course. Let’s see.

About Those New Year Resolutions:
Fitness Goals = Don’t even look at me. Don’t even talk to me.
Beauty goals = Eh… Trying.
DP Makeovers Plans = Well, I was quite lazy due to Ramadan, but I managed.
DP Beauty Blog Plans = I completed my goal of 6 posts a month. I think I’m gonna pre-write this month’s posts so I can get back to finishing my short story series.


Favorite Beauty Product of the Month:
Revlon Color Stay Concealer Stick

Bad Beauty Experience:
My face has been burning. It think it’s due to Summer but it’s just always burning and slightly itching. I use rose water but it burns more once the moisture is gone.

Featured Beauty Blogger:
This month’s featured blogger is Madeeha Saeed from Khaista Blogs!

Look Created This Month:

Catch Up:

When mixing foundations… (Dos and don’ts)

Sometimes you’re pale, sometimes you’re tanned, sometimes you’re dry, sometimes combination, and so on and so forth. It happens to all of us. To master this kind of situation, we mix different foundations; darker with lighter ones to get the exact shade, sheer coverage with full coverage to get the desired consistency, etc. Here are my dos and don’ts of mixing foundations.

Package from Skin18 – Reviews and First Impressions!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with five reviews – all skin care. The package was sent to me by (which has some amazing Korean skin care products), and I was very excited to try them all and share the results with you guys!
Here are the five sachets I got. Three sheet masks, a pair of eye patches and a nose strip. Click to read my thoughts on all of them.

Makeup Revolution Blush (Treat) – Review

Click to read my thoughts about Makeup Revolution’s Powder Blush in Treat!

Product Empties

I saw Tati Westbrook doing her Product Empties, and so this got inspired. That day I put a basket aside for all of the tubes and bottles I emptied. My mom looked at me weird, but seemed happy that I finally started to throw away the stuff that was no longer in use. The bucket is still there full of trash.
Tee Hee!

Soft Makeup Look with Product Breakdown

This is the first in this series.
I did this soft look on my model Namra quite a while ago for my page, Desirable Purity Makeovers, and I thought I would share with you guys the Product Breakdown of this look, right here.

Interview With a Makeup Artist: Qirat Baber

“Practice, practice and practice, that is whats going to make you perfect. Be honest to your work, be honest to your clients. Makeup is an art, its an expression make sure it’s done to perfection.” – Qirat Baber (QB)


What do you guys think? Any suggestions. Please make sure to leave your comments below, because they always make me smile.
You can check out last month’s Update here.

Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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