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Assalam o alaikum!
I saw Tati Westbrook doing her Product Empties, and so this got inspired. That day I put a basket aside for all of the tubes and bottles I emptied. My mom looked at me weird, but seemed happy that I finally started to throw away the stuff that was no longer in use. The bucket is still there full of trash.
Tee Hee!

Today I will talk about all of my products that I emptied, and the reasons why each is used up.


As you all can see, the dominant category is “Fragrance” and “Skin Care”. So first I’m going to talk about all the fragrances I’ve used up.

Romance (Rasasi) – This one is by far the best perfume I’ve ever used. To me, it smells feminine but in a bold way. I love it. I think it best expresses my personality, and I’m definitely getting another one (along with the body spray).

Shalis – This has a very feminine scent which best expresses my sister-in-law, and she’s the one who used it up mostly. Currently, she’s going through another bottle and is half done with it. I think it’s a great scent, and would compliment every girl.

Blue Lady (Rasasi) – (Body Spray + Perfume) – You can never go wrong with Blue Lady. It’s one of my go to perfumes. I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember and I always get compliments when I wear this perfume. It’s that fool-proof scent for me. I love it.

Skin Couture (ARMAF) – This is a very bold scent. It was gifted to me by a friend. I used it up and I loved it for a long time, but I wouldn’t make it my signature scent.

While we’re on the topic, I’m looking for a signature scent. Please suggest me some good perfumes.

Now on to the Skin Care! I’m a skin care junkie, partly because I’m a good girl, and partly because I love makeup and skin care helps my makeup looks ten times better! So, here are the products I’ve emptied.

Dove Beauty Cream – This was a great water based moisturizer! I used it regularly on my hands. I was a little thick so I avoided my face. But as much as I enjoyed using this, I wouldn’t buy it again, for I’m in love with my baby lotion.

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream – This was a light-weight nourishing moisturizer that I loved using at night. It made my skin feel refreshed and healthy every morning, and I think I will go ahead and buy it again to use it as a night cream.

L’Oreal Pure Zone (Hydra Pure) – This is by far the best moisturizer I have every tried. If I see this anywhere, I will buy it in a blink. This feels great on the skin and actually makes the skin look smother and reduce the visibility of the pores. Loved it!

Rose Water (Saeed Ghani) – Currently half way through another bottle of this amazingness! This is a great toner, and I would prefer it over any expensive ones out there.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion – I have been using this for quite a while, and this has become my go to moisturizer! I use it under makeup, after washing my face, and basically all the time. I will buy this again and again till I’m sick of it (which I don’t see coming).

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair – A great light weight moisturizer for hands. It works, makes the hands look healthier and I love it. Might buy it again in Winters.

Now onto makeup!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer – This is my true ride or die primer! I love this. It makes my makeup go on so much smoother and look better. I will always go back to this primer. This is my second tube (maybe third) and I will buy it again.

E.L.F Makeup Mist and Set – I absolutely love this setting spray. It makes my makeup look and feels great, and makes it last longer. Plus, it’s not over the top expensive, so I will buy this again.

Sweet Touch Twin Cake (BE-1) – Best compact powder ever! L.O.V.E it! Does not flashback, makes one look absolutely flawless. Will buy this again! This is a hot product for me.

Sparkle Star RMS – I picked this one up at a local beauty shop. Loved this pigment. Beautiful pale gold that made the eyes pop. If I see it again, I will buy it.

O.B.L Nail Polish Remover – Ever since I’ve start using these wipes, I have forgotten what a liquid nail polish remover is and why a cotton pad is used. Love this to bits. Does the job effectively. Will buy it again.

Nova Gold Super Firm Hold Hairspray – The best, affordable, and the most amazing hairspray I have ever tried. I’ve used up many bottles (and don’t regret since it’s so inexpensive), and will continue to use this. This product, I trust with every type of hair, and I recommend this to all.

And that’s about it for my product empties. If you liked this post, please make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you would like more posts like these. Thank you for everything! I love you guys.
Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time
Munazza Bangash
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