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Makeup Revolution Blush (Treat) – Review

Makeup Revolution is the one brand I feel uncertain about, but at the same time, I want to try all of the products they launch. A lot of them have worked out for me, but some didn’t, which is common for any brand and for any person to happen, to be factual.

Today, I’m here with a quick review about Makeup Revolution’s blush in Treat. I got it from for Rs. 225/-
Yes, it’s very affordable and that was the second thing that drew me into it. The first was its color. I would also absolutely love to try the others in this range, like, “Hot”, “Sugar”, and “Wow”, etc.


Packaging: The blusher comes in their basic packaging. This is also the type they use for their single eye shadows. It’s not a luxury packaging, obviously, but I count it great for its price. It is plastic, with a see-through top lid from which the actual shade is visible. You see the brand’s name on the top lid, written with gold. On the back of the blusher you have the name of the brand (Makeup Revolution), the shade’s name (Treat), and Ingredients written in basic font and black color over white background.


Quality: The blusher, itself, has Revolution engraved on it. It has a smooth texture, and the scent is not distinguishable. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t look patchy. The pigmentation is medium, and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a blusher with medium opacity. It gets powdery when you swirl your brush in it. It does have Talc in it, but it is very inexpensive and I don’t expect a luxurious blusher out of that price tag.
The shade I have looks very natural on the cheeks. I have used this one blusher on my clients, and achieved beautiful results each time.
It does fade a little throughout the day, but you’d be good to go if you set it with a makeup setting spray.


My Opinion: I like it because you get a lot of product for the price, and comparatively, the quality and color selection is bomb. I have been using this blusher non stop. It looks great on me whether I’m doing natural looks or full-on glam. I have used it plenty of times and for a long time, and I’m yet to hit the pan. In my opinion, it’s a great blusher and I recommend it to all.



  • Affordable
  • Perfect opacity
  • Looks Natural
  • Doesn’t get Patchy


  • Might fade on some people.

I rate 4.8 / 5 STARS

Price and Availability:
You can get it from for Rs. 255!

For me, it’s a hot product. What about you? Have you tried their blushers?


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